NEW YORK | 220 Central Park S | 952 FT | 70 FLOORS




Taken today:


Villa scaffolding coming down this morning- might have a full view of the entrance by this afternoon!


What’s the rush? It looks like some of the joints still need mortar.


Is it me or are the final touches to this tower dragging? This topped out in May of last year and they haven’t even removed the construction hoist. I get that “topping out” is still far from done but i mean we’re getting close to a year and a half since that point.


Very nice!


I like the design of this building even though the place is obviously meant to provide yet another Manhattan real estate vehicle for the ultra-wealthy here and abroad to plug their money into. The little porte-cochère is a nice, silly little touch RAMSA has used before and I hope it helps shield residents from photographers’ lenses. Let the droves of ultra-wealthy Chinese, Saudis, Russians, etc. have at it and storm through the lobby like a mob of angry refugees on the way to their new apartments.

But Central Park South is not what I would call a residential neighborhood by any means. That kind of residential building and neighborhood can be found, as one example, in the many beaux-arts and art deco buildings along Central Park West, many of which have storied histories and to me at least seem far more “real” than a building like this.



They’re really taking their sweet time with this…


We’re up to 20 months since this topped out structurally. I know every building is different but what’s the hold up here? I mean they haven’t even begun disassembling the construction hoist yet


still busy, street level on 58th is almost done though


That Vornado might clear $1 billion in profits on this building is very impressive.


Since they did so well with this building, I hope that they go lavish at the 31 W 57th Street site too.


I FORGOT about 31… Add it to the list of wave 2



Just days after buying one of the most expensive residential properties in London, Ken Griffin set a record in the U.S.
The Citadel founder closed on the $238 million penthouse at 220 Central Park South, so he’ll have a place to stay when he’s working in New York, a Citadel spokeswoman said. The purchase price makes it America’s most-expensive home.


Game, set, match for Stern and his limestone towers. That’s a hell of a scalp.


Goes to show that classically-styled buildings bring in the big bucks! Time for more developers to get on board!


Its time to bring the classy office towers back.


curious, do we have the floor plans?