NEW YORK | 220 Central Park S | 952 FT | 70 FLOORS




I’m curious to see what portions of the crown will be illuminated.

Does anyone know where the highest apartment is and where the mechanical levels start? If the top hundred feet are mechanical, the lighting might be amazing.


I was wondering the same thing regarding the re the crown.


I’m fairly sure that this is all crown.


I wonder if the area depicted below is part of the crown. (I believe that everything below here are condos.)



The three bay window towards the top is Penthouse 76. There is only about 30 feet of crown.


there might be a similar lighting set up like the one at 30 Park Place since the crown has similar corners conditions and an extension of the facade above the main windows of the building. Might also be the same with 520 Park Ave. What do you think?


Thanks, Skyward.


I would have to agree…same architect


I’m thinking these parts will be illuminated?


What a magnificent tower, photographed wonderfully.


I agree, Baronson.


220 Central Park by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr

220 Central Park by NyConstructionPhoto, on Flickr


Shot from the GM building


Nice shot, Ben. This looks great!


:small_red_triangle::small_red_triangle: Even if it’s not a supertall, I’d love to see the Park Lane replaced.


I agree. Something will rise there, and I suspect that it will be at least 900’.


Even though this is 952 ft, the drastic change in scale from the rest of CPS makes this tower look absolutely enormous! CPT is gonna appear to be off the charts.


Yeah from that angle, the Park Lane Hotel looks like straight ass. It’s not so bad where it meets the street. But designed by Emery Roth & Sons and built between 1967 - 1971 tells you all you need to know. Anything from those years, designed by them got beat with the ugly stick of boxy modernism!