NEW YORK | 220 Central Park S | 952 FT | 70 FLOORS


Nice shots, Kevin!

This tower is gorgeous.


Courtesy of NBC!!




Here’s an up close look, and the smaller condo building facing the Park looks gorgeous too. I love how tall it is, but nothing compared to the gargantuan being built right behind it!


Great shot, 726!

Stern strikes again!!!



they installed a BMU atop the crown. Hopefully it doesnt mess with the silhouette too much. This should mean that the crane will come down soon.


You can see the BMU here (from today) and it is hardly noticeable thank God. May I add that she is MAJESTIC.



I agree. This tower is stunning.



Nice shots!

I was right there yesterday too around same time.

I think the crane is coming down already.


Any of you guys have an idea of when the construction hoist is coming down? I feel like this one’s been up for a while




Photocred: @captiv_8 on Instagram


by Shaw Horton, on Flickr



Last night. Photo does not do it justice- the crown is shaping out to be spectacular.


Took a few shots of this beauty just a few minutes ago. CP tower is looking really really big. Almost to the same height as 220:


April 5th, 2018