NEW YORK | 220 Central Park S | 952 FT | 70 FLOORS


Agreed. Isn’t it wonderful when massive towers get dwarfed by even more massive towers?


The cantilevered portion alone (which begins 294 feet above street level) will be taller than 220 CPS.


Nordstrom might dwarf 220 CPS, but it looks like 220 CPS is overshadowing Nordstrom thanks to the head start, the 15 CPW reminiscent design, and the proximity to the park.


220 CPS turned out beautifully.

Stern is amazing.


Agreed. Stern is one of my favorites




Looks like they got the BMU set


If you had to pick, 99 Church or 220 CPS?


I’m going with 99 church. Something about the dimensions are more pleasing to the eye for me and the public plaza at street level was really nicely done. Additionally, I appreciate the open hotel lobby/bar at 99 that allows you to go in and get a closer look. Overall, when I’m there, it feels like the building is an asset to the neighborhood as opposed to something that just got plopped down and doesn’t integrate well.

As for 220 CPS, the only hope I have of getting an interior view of that is if I hit the mega millions.

BTW the hotel bar in 99 church makes a mean old fashioned if anyone else here likes whiskey as much as me :tumbler_glass:


They’re both stunning!

I like 520 Park the best though.


520 is also a favorite of mine!


I’d go with the CPS facing ‘villa’ section of 220.


I agree.





Nice shot, 5b!!!



There’s so much to keep track of nowadays that I’ve sort of forgotten about 220 CPS, which isn’t even complete yet. But it’s truly a gorgeous addition that’s gaining in beauty as the cladding rises.


Nice shot! I wonder if CPT would be out of frame in that shot once topped out.


Most likely, if not at least at the top