NEW YORK | 220 Central Park S | 952 FT | 70 FLOORS


Credit: Alexander Kasatkin


Nice photo!


30 park more so IMO a visitor would assume that was build in the 30s, the 2 look more.modern and a built in area where those 20s scrapers were no where as 30 park is near the lower manhattan classics






Nice photo, Brooklyn!

This tower would have been so much better if the tower had the same facade as the CPS portion.


I think that they’re just hoping that no one will notice the difference


I must agree that the tower is not shaping up as a great building. Pretty boring. And the change in window treatment and presence of a few balconies visible in Brooklyn’s picture seems bizarre and out of sync. If it’s a takeoff on 56 Leonard’s variable windows and balconies, it pales in comparison. 56 is so much more interesting. Compared to 15 CPW this one just doesn’t work for me.


I agree, Chused.


Although it could certainly be better, I think it’s turning out great


That’s true. I think that the crown will make this tower.



They are now working on the few setbacks on the crown. Should be topped out any day now.


Nice photos, as always, Jc!


Always on the lookout for the alt angle.





Your wide angle is goals!!


Thanks guys!




almost there!


I concur!