NEW YORK | 220 Central Park S | 952 FT | 70 FLOORS


He peed off the top?? Smh.



Oh yeah I remember I was living down in fidi when it happened, I got a call from my friend saying a kid from our town was arrested for climbing to the spire of wtc and peed off the top.


This kid is insane! You really got to have some guts to do that crane climbing. No harness or anything. Really amazing but scary.


The City, lads !


That kid has a lot of guts no doubt! Even that he survives and gets in trouble afterwards!




Nov 7









Nov 11


NIce shot, robertwalpole!


Thx, Dragon.






The guy from the last shot did a crazy act for sure!


that kid dangling at the edge looks no older than 15!!!



hes like actually probably 18-19 now, like i said on anotherr thread, he got arrested for climbing wtc1 a few years back


Oh… that’s the same kid! Crazy!


I can understand how it might be easier to climb buildings which are not finished like 220. But I cant understand how they got on top of twc?