NEW YORK | 220 Central Park S | 952 FT | 70 FLOORS


This is a very Nice building, but the lack of facade detail is disappointing. It’s not the blockbuster that the location warranted. Then again, consider the garbage that occupied this site before this.

Nov 1


I like the close-up, wait till I get my shots! Bringing my telescope too!


Sounds good, Tom!


I’m having mixed feelings about this tower as its rising, and I’m becoming less attracted everyday, hopefully I like it more when it’s completed. As its growing its coming out like a huge tall limestone slab. Blah!


I agree. The crown will make it, but the facade is boring.



For me if it’s limestone, then all is good. This is a great addition for Central Park.

520 Park however is in its class on its own.


I agree re: 520. It’s odd that the lousier location got the better building.




Look at this view, guys!



The second smaller building seems to have topped out. I think that’s where the Villas are going to be located

And the famous limestone slab…







Nice shots, VG.





Damn. That was a cool vid. I think these kids should wear ski masks like the russians who climb the megatalls in China. Otherwise, they are going to get caught and probably get into some trouble. But I hope they keep doing it since these vids are awesome, even though my hands and feet were sweaty and tingly from watching this.


thats the same kid who climbed the wtc1 and peed off the top and hit the news a few years back.


Is it really?


yeah i know for a fact because that kid is from my hometown, he shouldnt be doing this hes still on some sort of probation.