NEW YORK | 220 Central Park S | 952 FT | 70 FLOORS




That is an insane shot!

And you can clearly see the cantilever being built on cpt!






Can see even more progress to the cantilever of cpt in the first 5 seconds of that vid. Looks like it might be 20-30 ft up already.


This is an amazing building.

Robert Stern has, by himself, changed the face of NYC for the better within the last decade or so:

The Tower at 15 CP South
220 CPS
520 Park Avenue
30 Park Place
70 Vestry Street
20 East End Avenue
The Africa Center

And more are sure to come! The Age of Ramses is just getting started, I believe!


I concur, Lion.


Only about a month til topping out I assume.


I concur .


I agree Lion!

The majority of developers are building giant elegant crystals into the sky whilst Stern is design grounded buildings giving the core of NY an upwards lift! He really does help to balance out the skyline :smiley:





Today (10/27)

Crane in the bottom right is the Roseland Tower site.

Almost seeing eye to eye with One57!





My palms get sweaty just looking at these types of pics. :astonished:











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