NEW YORK | 22-44 Jackson Ave (5Pointz) | 498 + 440 FT | 48 + 41 FLOORS





Nice shots! I was just on the 7 train there about 90 min ago. Wonder if we were on the same train?

Here are some others from st level.

The facade is looking better than expected. Its kinda like a poor-mans Stern look to it. Not sure what the material is but I want to say it looks like pre-cast concrete. Not bad so far.


Haha yep, same train! And I agree, the facade looks better than I expected. I also noticed they are doing a lot of diging around the nearby train tracks, wonder what that’s all about


There’s another phase to this?

It’s not entirely clear what Wolkoff is planning for phase two, but a source familiar with the loan said the developer was less than 50 percent leveraged for the new phase. New building permits have not been filed.


There’s over a 1000+ units in phase I and another Phase is in the works… now that’s a smile on the face. Best to take advantage of the current market conditions. I wonder if the surrounding low rises SW of the 5 Pointz location will be the site?


That was my first thought as well. Like maybe behind those 2 12 story ODA buildings on Jackson.


Opinion just came down in the graffitti case. The court awarded just under $7 million dollars to the artists. Given the amount I assume Wolkoff will file a notice of appeal.


yeah I can’t see this going unchallenged. Interesting tidbit from the opinion, I haven’t given it a full read:

c. Revenue Lost by the Copyright Holder
The value of 5Pointz to the artists’ careers was significant, and its loss, though
difficult to quantify, precluded future opportunities and acclaim. Therefore, this factor
also supports a significant statutory damages award.

d. The Deterrent Effect on the Infringer and Third Parties
If potential infringers believe that they can violate VARA at will and escape liability because
plaintiffs are not able to provide a reliable financial valuation for their works, VARA
will have no teeth.

the judge was also hilariously sassy towards Witkoff and his attitude towards the whitewashing and demolition.


Right. The opinion painted a less than generous picture of Wolkoff–not only about the white washing but also about his demeanor on the stand. Judge Block wrote that at one point he warned that he might hold Wolkoff in contempt if he didn’t change his testimonial behavior. That really is very unusual.


Judge awards $6.7 million to graffiti artists whose work was destroyed to build condos

A federal judge has awarded $6.7 million to 21 graffiti artists after their works were destroyed in 2013 at the 5Pointz complex in Queens, New York, to make room for luxury condominiums.

US District Court Judge Frederic Block made the award Monday after a jury ruled in November that Jerry Wolkoff, the owner of the buildings that comprised 5Pointz, violated the artists’ rights under federal law.

Eric Baum, an attorney for the artists, told CNN that the decision is “a triumph for artists all around the country.”

“The cultural significance of 5Pointz and the value of the aerosol art created by the 21 plaintiffs has been recognized as fine art. It is now clear that the federal law protects the dignity of the artist and ensures that their artwork is treated respectfully,” Baum said.


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I was in LIC today. My job site was the side street to this development. Gimme a couple of minutes will upload findings.


Pics by me. Taken today.

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Thanks for the pictures. They portray what appear to be pretty mundane buildings. The street art was better.


LIC is quickly becoming “exposed AC vent” hell,
and that’s when most other developments have moved away from that practice

so sad, I was rooting for that neighborhood


looks like they’re both topped out.

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