NEW YORK | 217-225 West 57th St | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS



Goodness I cannot wait til Nordstrom just becomes part of “the plateau”


Love that gif Street! Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing to me how tall buildings in Manhattan are becoming. I love the tall and thin trend.


I want megatalls and I want them (Not now but in a reasonable amount of time where the demand is high and the market is sustainable)


Something tells me that the peak in this photo will look slightly different in a year. :wink:

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Photocred: @jerometraveller on Instagram


Today from Hoboken. Catching up to 220 now.




Looks like its almost at 900 ft.


I’m a fan of this shot (queensny121) posted by T.Koloski.

Almost surreal looking at it.


Taken by me a few hours ago! Looking pretty tall! Especially in person.


That same shot in a few years will be incredible!