NEW YORK | 217-225 West 57th St | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


The yellow is what I’d focus on, but yes, it looks like it finally is!


Incredible to have so many towers above 1,000 feet rising at the same time!



Hello guys, I just had a question. Just to be clear, the entire building is being made with reinforced concrete? I was just wondering because it would seem that the concrete would add so much weight to the cantilever portion of the building compared to steel, or i might be wrong


From Nyguy on SSP

[U]MARCH 21, 2017[/U]

58th and 57th facades again:


Taken from 888 7th Ave. March 16. 2017


Really great pic Brad … an unseen perspective!

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It is clearly rising now. As you can see in Brads photo, the walls of the structure are being cast.

The long struggle is now over! :smiley:

Cracking shots btw lads!


Nice shot, Brad!!!


Great shot, Brad!

You can really appreciate how much they’ve built over the cantilever now. Look at all that concrete and form work literally floating over open space!


Further proof that this is indeed not stalled. Barnett doesn’t play that game. He is not Shvo, who is a failed and dishonored developer.

Barnett and Stern are the kings.This along with Steinway will be the jewels of the area. Kinda race in a way with these super talls. We have Verre, Steinway, and CPT.


And The Anbang Tower!


I can’t believe how thin this tower is… it is absolutely amazing.

Brad’s photo really puts the width into perspective. I love it!


This is different wth the cantelever, the south side has a set back that is not in the diagram, about 20, 30" shorter indented.


I wouldn’t put Barnett in the same category as Stern. Sure, both manage to get projects done, but Barnett has no taste and builds cheap unimaginative, downright mediocre designs. Even when he hires a noted architect like Portzamparc or Gill, he constrains them to building cheap gaudy boxes. All Barnett’s buildings have got going for them is height.

Stern, on the other hand, doesn’t cut corners. He teams up with good architects and lets them go wild.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for 225w57, but it could’ve been better with a developer with better taste.


you see I agree with you when it comes to daring designs. But Barnett is clearly the market leader. He goes in with a fresh concept and makes it work, then Stern comes behind and perfects his concept. See Billionaires row or lower east side. I have to give Barnett a ton of credit for being a market leader even if Stern is able to “one up” him.


Couldn’t agree more


There are several places where Stern is building that Barnett isn’t (Kips Bay) or where Stern started a project before Barnett (downtown Brooklyn)…but I don’t want to nitpick…

Anyway, Barnett the businessman is obviously phenomenal. Won’t argue with that. He certainly has no trouble looking out for the bottom line, especially when it comes to finding market opportunities. But Stern demonstrates that it’s not too much to ask that a developer put some thought into what he’s actually contributing to the skyline. I mean, these buildings will be around for decades to come…


I think Barnett does consider appearance, but he is not willing to go extravagant.

I think Stern wants to build icons where as Barnett builds big to get attention to his project which in his mind is a ton of free marketing.