NEW YORK | 217-225 West 57th St | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


December 10

February 20, one floor in over two months. We are watching snail race between 1CP and 111 W 57th.


Nice photos!


RIP Lee’s Art Shop




Horrible quality and nice angle.


Nice photo, Dimitri!




Looks the same again…



This building is rising even though it seems that it is not. Concrete trucks were on site. And what seems to be the first facade panels, are up on 58th street.


Nice photos, NYC!



Nice photos5b.



Mandarin Oriental view of snowy Central Park and Columbus Circle. #ShotOniPhone7Plus by Noel Y. Calingasan (nyclovesnyc), on Flickr






Its interesting looking at that second pic with CPT and CPS in the background. Makes it seem like CPT has reached that height. With that said, to think that even with that illusion, add almost half of that height, and you’ve reached 1,550 ft. This will be epic from the ground up.




Gents, this is indeed rising again, correct? I see a bunch of orange but I can’t tell what it’s purpose is.


It’s clearly rising!

This is the Age of Ramses!!!


The age of Ramses indeed! Thanks for the recent photos everyone!