NEW YORK | 217-225 West 57th St | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS




It is on the rise Gents!!


I agree, NYC.


CTP is stuck again. To be honest I am not surprised. As we can see nothing above the cantilever is done yet.


Nice photo, dmitri.



Nice photo , Street!


Great photo! Is that yellow scaffolding I see going up on CPT?


02/20/17 4:33PM

02/20/17 4:33PM


“Good, I hate long waits.”- Han Solo


AMAzing photos, Emo!

Where did you snap them?


From my friend Tim, also known as @phillysuspect on Instagram. I reccomend following him







Nice shot, Tec!




Thanks for the updates, Robert. Great to see this rising again!

CityWide wrote this on the SSP forums, which caught my attention:

“for some reason I thought the cantilever was suppose to be some staggering distance, like 20 feet. What these photos show doesn’t look like such a big deal. Is there more to come?”

Did he mean 20 feet of overhang from the main structure? If this is the case, this easily looks to be over 20 feet extended from the main structure.


I thought I read somewhere that the cantilever is more like 30 feet. It can be difficult since it is so high up, but it looks like it could be 30 feet from most photos we have seen.


28.03 feet exactly


A 28 foot cantilever is, for engineering purposes, quite large on a building this tall. That helps explain why so much time was taken to let the concrete cure. It has a lot of weight to support.