NEW YORK | 217-225 West 57th St | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


For what it’s worth, CCs77 on SSC said,

“By the way, this building is not stalled, if apparently it has not progressed much since september, that is because they are working in the cantilever. That is a pretty complex work that takes its time. It is comparable to the fundation of the building, you don’t see a lot of progress, but there is. In this case is almost as they are building the fundations of the building a hundred meters above the street. It is a complex part of the building that will support 80 stories above it.”

I hope he’s correct and this building continues to rise to completion!


I can’t find the actual quote, but a little while ago someone mentioned they spoke to a worker onsite that said that once they start the cantilever section, it will take a few months to finish it before going vertical again.


Exactly, they’re essentially building another foundation 300ft+ above ground and foundation work is always the slowest…


No other tower has such a complex cantilever. Barnett was very clear that the cantilever would take many, many months, and there would be no obvious progress until 2017.

But the site is progressing. It’s a very busy site, with lots of workers and deliveries (I work nearby).


That’s a good point.


I work near 56 Leonard Street. Some of the large cantilevers on the lower floors of that building–particularly the one holding the swimming pool–took months to build. The huge steel support structure holding up the concrete while it cured was left in place forever. The bridge support size beams eventually had to be cut apart with torches to get them out. I am not at all surprised that the cantilever on 217 W 57 is taking a long time to construct. And even after the concrete for the cantilever is poured (which appears to have occurred) it has to sit for a very long time before much weight can be put on it. Concrete gets harder as it ages and is not fully cured for months. Note well that even simple floors in standard buildings typically sit on supports for about a month as more floors are poured above. This structure will hold a lot more weight and will be allowed to cure longer than usual.


This all sounds very reassuring. I wonder where we will be in a year from now.


You can see on the photos posted over time that there has been progress on this section, obviously as mentioned above this is a highly technical feat of engineering.

I don’t think we have to worry about this project stalling. In Barnett we trust!


Jan 11



Bonus shot!


it’s finally budging a bit it seems :slight_smile:


It appears to be!


See, it’s rising!


If that’s the Essex House sign, then that person has an awesome view of one57!




It definitely looks like they raised those wooden forms at the top, right? They weren’t so close to the base of the cantilever in previous pics.


I agree






Any noticeable progress in person, Robert?