NEW YORK | 217-225 West 57th St | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS


Robert, are you seeing seeing a difference in person? It’s hard to appreciate the height increase in photographs alone.


This will now move faster. Steinway will be the same way. The foundation/base took a while for both projects. Likewise for Verre. All three will rise fast.


It looks like it is, Vortex.




Very little progress in the last 3 months.

September 25th

December 10


Progress diagram
(Click for full image)


So much more to go… also this thread was unholy before I posted…


Good comparison shots ILNY. I wonder if they’ll start moving up soon


May be a long concrete setup time for that transfer floor, that’s a lot of concrete. This will grow steadily faster soon I’d imagine.


So we’re at 328 feet.



a little visible progress from your pic 10 days ago


12-22 (today)


I think that’s true


thanks for all the pics robert!


My pleasure, sir!




Honestly, I have a feeling that it is on hold. None of the new towers rise as slow as ctp.


Maybe. They really haven’t progressed much since starting the cantilever.

Perhaps Barnett has run out of my money.


They are probably stuck in some administrative behind the scenes limbo. Even though we are not the “general public” and are slighlty more informed, something must be going on that we don’t know of, let’s just hope they deal with it and keep on with the project.