NEW YORK | 217-225 West 57th St | 1,550 FT | 131 FLOORS



Oct 17th


I’ve been so busy lately. Is this still growing?


this job kinda looks like its dying a bit.

i dont think theres any way they figured it would be this slow.


They are working on the cantilever, which seems to be very complex.


thats true, but i would expect to see a couple floors by now. more than that, it seems that the podium is languishing. Fireproofing incomplete, no curtain wall etc


Oct 18


A week old…different angles when possible.



Oct 24


Your first pic tricked me. Thought the tower was much higher but then realized it was 220.


Progress is slow, but our patience will be rewarded.

Every city in the world would bend over backwards for a 1,500 foot monster like this.


Nov 1


CPT is about one floor shorter than 5 Columbus Circle, which stands at 286 feet so I guess CPT is about ~280 feet, also the northern side is taller than the South 57st side currently.


What’s going on with this building? I’ve been busy the past couple months so I haven’t been following anything as much but this seems to be stuck at the same height?


Someone else can probably step in with a more detailed explanation here but from what I’ve seen, they’ve been hung up right where the cantilever begins. It’s possible this part of the tower requires some intricate engineering that can’t be rushed. That’s just my guess though.


This real estate broker is in an office that overlooks the cantilever of 217, and periodically posts short videos of the view.

Karen Kelley

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Nov 7


Nov 17


131 Floors?


Nov 21