NEW YORK | 215 Pearl St (Courtyard & Residence Inn) | 396 FT | 39 FLOORS


This photo is a month old. It’s actually at least one floor higher now.


kill it with fire dense spherical objects!


This design is beyond horrible.


Good pictures rbrome and good to know about this building.
But its design could’ve gone better. I agree with Chris and YIMHudson.


This is beyond awful but at the same time it’s good to see this is finally rising. Its next-door neighbor is even worse so the fact that this will block the view of that prison-esque wall is a good thing, as is the end of this thing’s status as an empty lot.


At least this is at the intersection of two narrow alleys, and surrounded by tall buildings that will pretty much hide this new building.


Photo update:






Construction has progressed above the setback.

As bland as the building is, I’m now appreciating how much the setback will hide this building from most angles. It’s going to be practically invisible because of the narrow streets and many tall buildings surrounding it. It’ll be visible from Maiden Lane, (1st photo below) but I still doubt most people will notice it.



These are from 9/26


click to see the whole view…



Nice update, Bro.






Hopefully the cladding will be ok