NEW YORK | 212 West 93rd Street | 169 FT | 14 FLOORS


this old synagogue has (soon to be had) a nice facade, Its a shame that the landmarks commission didn’t recognize it.

Some community members had called on the Landmarks Preservation Commission to consider landmarking the synagogue’s building, but the agency determined in October that the structure didn’t “rise to the level of an individual landmark,” according to a letter filed with the court.


Yeah this is a loss. I doubt what will rise will be worth it. Unless its absolutely magnificent, but thats unlikely.




This one looked good. Shame the lpc didnt think it was worth saving.

Looks like they have some demo scaffolding up ( although not sure how long these have been up for?)


The LPC are worthless. They let gems get demolished routinely.


I walk by this building a few times every day. The scaffold is new; maybe a couple weeks old. Right now, I believe that homeless people have been sleeping inside of it. Honestly, I’ve seen very little demo/construction workers around there so I’d bet this is gonna be one of those way-too-long developments. The block it’s on is pretty nasty; I’m not sure how they’ll even sell those condos considering there are much better options on the UWS.