NEW YORK | 21 East 12th St | 309 FT | 23 FLOORS


Macklowe Files for 23-Story Tower at 100 University Place


100 University Place, image via Google Maps

The first permits are up for a development that will replace a parking garage at 100 University Place, in Greenwich Village, on the corner of East 12th Street; the structure formerly housed Bowlmor Lanes, but EV Grieve reported it closed earlier this year, in preparation for demolition.

Macklowe is developing the project, and SLCE is listed as the architect of record. The design architect could be different, as the location is very prime, and definitely starchitect-worthy; three other projects are currently under construction on the same block, at 12 East 13th Street, 17 East 12th Street, and on its western side, at 61 Fifth Avenue.

Each of the above projects is targeted towards ultra high-end buyers, with properties split between palatial apartments, averaging over 4,000 square feet each. Residences at 100 University Place will be slightly smaller than those inside its new neighbors, with 107,965 square feet of residential space split between 52 apartments, resulting in an average unit size of just over 2,000 square feet – still very large, especially for Manhattan standards.

The residences will be complemented by 13,075 square feet of commercial space, and a 1,050-square foot community facility, enlivening the streetscape below. University Place is an especially active pedestrian corridor, and ensuring it retains vibrancy is important as new developments continue rising in the vicinity.

100 University Place’s design has not been revealed, but the 23-story tower will stand 309 feet tall, making an impact on the relatively short neighborhood skyline. While no completion date has been announced, construction would appear imminent, given demolition’s progression on the existing structure.

NEW YORK | 110 University Place | 308 FT | 23 FLOORS

First Look at 21 East 12th Street, the 23-Story Condo Tower Replacing Bowlmor Lanes

William Macklowe Company is getting ready to start construction and launch sales for its 23-story condo tower at the corner of University Place and East 12th Street in Greenwich Village. YIMBY has the first renderings of the project, which will be known as 21 East 12th Street, courtesy of PR reps and a new teaser site.

Annabelle Selldorf Architects are designing the building. They have chosen a simple white, gridded facade that will likely fit in well among the historic buildings on University Place. The project will certainly be an improvement on the large four-story garage that was just demolished here. Bowlmor Lanes used to occupy the garage, which filled most of the block between East 12th and East 13th Streets…

Teaser site

I love this neighborhood. Glad they are not going with glass here. Cheers.


I love this area too. This looks potentially lame though. A Stern tower would have been perfect here.



21 East 12th Street

Sales are expected to begin next month, with the building scheduled to be completed by late 2017 or early 2018.


We scooped the Times thanks to that slip-up by the modelers :smiley:


Higher res rendering (click to zoom in)


A total street wall destroyer! And parking, really? This is not Houston!!! :head_bandage:


I agree, the street wall thingy does saddens me for this neighborhood.

May 10th



Could of build so much more but the setback is terrible.


I agree, Chris.


At least is Annabelle Selldorf Architects’ design… Let’s hope for the best, wait and see the end results.


absolutely disheartening, and it’s one of the more stunning neighborhoods in the city


Considering that we really didn’t have much say in the matter and considering the current administrations lack of contextual comprehension, I think we dodged a bullet in regards to the four sided setbacks which allows for more air and sky and the single story retail space as opposed to the six story building which sits beneath 35 W.15th street which is overbearing in it’s bulk. Could they have done a better job on the exterior finish? Sure, but that’s what they supposedly pay good architects for. The lighter masonry will additionally lighten the mass and we can only hope that the vegetation is not just an artist’s rendering.


Agreed, considering the old Bowlmor didn’t exactly add much to the streetwall, this could be worse.


I agree Yimby!

Teaser site:


the old Bowlmor building was slimey but there’s an opportunity cost to building crap, you’re stuck with it for at least 5 decades,

hoping this gets some kind of a redesign


Taken yesterday 6/15/2016.
There’s another building around 6 or 8 storeys being built in the adjacent plot (north of the site) of 21 East 12th St. Looks fairly nice and definitely more contextual. Forgot to take a photo of the rendering from the fence. I remember it was gray with an uniform facade, maybe raw concrete or greyish bricks.


ground breaking



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