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Construction fence comes down at 21-16 44th Drive site

Posted on September 26, 2014 by CtSqLIC

The construction fence has disappeared at 21-16 44th Drive

One of the top questions we get asked here at the Court Square Blog is, “What is the latest with 21-16 44th Drive?” Well, earlier in the week, we were walking by 21-16 44th Drive and we noticed that the construction fence to the building had come down. This was the first sign of life on the lot since demolition finished back in April. We also checked the Department of Buildings site, and found that no new permits have been filed for the site, so it’s difficult to get a read on what is happening there.

The project is not without controversy, as nearby residents are concerned by the building based on the track record of the developer.

Old Proposal:


Construction has commenced, according to this morning’s Court Square Blog


This one is under construction.

Taken last week


Construction has not yet commenced.

This morning:

(Note: 21-10 44th Drive ( is a different facility immediately to the west. That one has topped out)



Few days ago


Taken 11/2. On the left from the 7 platform