NEW YORK | 209-211 West 14th | 119 FT | 11 FLOORS


The development is in the early phase of planning, but Greg Kalnit, executive vice president at Adellco, told The Real Deal that the building will likely stand 11 to 12 stories high and contain 20 to 25 condominiums, with a mix of larger one- to three-bedroom homes.

Plans have been filed with the city to demolish the four-story structure on the site now, and Adellco intends to build to the maximum density of 36,110 square feet.


209 West 14th Street: Adelco has filed applications for an 11-story and 21-unit mixed-use building of 36,120 square feet spanning 209-211 West 14th Street, in Chelsea; the existing four-story structure was approved to be demolished in July, and Goldstein Hill & West is designing.



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