NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


I’m not mad at BIG’s design. I like to watch his explanations on how he comes up with his designs, but he can definitely overthink. Especially when it comes to supertalls. The tetrahedron and the Xi are little blessings.


Finally. About time we see some mention of progress.
Honestly I knew something was up when I logged in and saw that the thread for an on hold building had like 30+ new replies, but it’s still surprising it could actually happen.


That’s true. Any city in the world would love to have this. It would be the third tallest tower in Shenzhen, the third tallest in Shanghai, and the fourth tallest in Dubai.


But this isn’t any other city though, this is New York! And none of those other cities have a site as significant as the WTC site. I’m hoping and praying for Foster’s design. Just my opinion.


I’m no great fan of this building either, but I do think there are some angles from which it looks okay. To wit:

That said, I want more than “okay” for my city – particularly at this site. My preference would be for a completely new design, since Forster’s design, while not distasteful, is not especially thrilling either. In my humble opinion of course.



I honestly haven’t seen even lukewarm reception for this design anywhere.

Also New York is not Dallas, Houston, or Atlanta. And as far as a city like Shanghai wanting this: well, this is childs play compared to the likes of their cluster.

It’s funny how we agree on most things but this tower :joy:


I must admit that I love you @robertwalpole however this is one area we disagree on :joy:
I absolutely hate BIG’s design which is surprising since I like most of their other stuff.
But that’s what makes the world interesting. If we all had the same opinions it would be boring


We do agree on Salma Hayek and that’s what matters most!


The elevator scene from Ugly Betty will live on in the minds of many long after Costas Kondylis and Gene Kaufman are gone.

Edit Costas is gone already. RIP


I kind of hope this isn’t true


I wouldn’t be surprised if they took one of the existing designs and modified it to fit the kind of tenants they now expect to attract. If they do, it could make more sense to use the Foster design as a starting point, since that’s what the foundation is designed for.


An exceptional multimedia presentation by the NYTimes of this train wreck of a building.

It seems so out of place with the rest of the complex.


From some of these angles I think it’s actually quite impressive and striking…
It will be controversial but at least it’ll bring back attention to the World Trade Center… people have thought it’s been done since Condé moved to 1WTC


The article doesn’t include any quote from Silverstein that mentions BiG. I think Michelle cohen the writer made the mistake of forgetting about the first design while she repeats news others have already reported. She references “Bloomberg reports” and “Silverstein said in an interview “ (with who would be nice)


I agree with bpc. This may turn out much better—if it’s built—than all the naysayers claim. It’s quite different than anything else in town. And it has a certain energy and intrigue about it. At least it’s not just a box.


^ It’s not the final design or at least it hasn’t undergone the requisite value engineering yet. It just might end up being a box.


It really should be on this level. This tower matters.


I really can’t say enough how truly ugly and terrible I think BIG’s design is.”

I completely agree. The BIG design is just plain butt ugly


Must admit, BIGs design has grown on me over the years so much so that Foster, except for the diamonds, seems too basic. Having said that, knowing how cheap Larry is and how everything got value engineered at the site, I would expect him to gut this thing a la WT3, in which case, we’re just looking at bland boxes stacked on top of each other with an excessively fat ass.