NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


As you suggested, it’s ultimately Patrick Foye’s fault that 1 WTC was butchered. He could have vetoed Durst’s terrible and shortsighted proposals but instead approved them like Durst’s little lap dog.
And long after he’s dead the city will still be stuck with this awful antenna on the roof of what was supposed to be a display of New York’s resolve and its tribute to those lost. Meanwhile, the complex should be seen as a symbol of greed, corruption, mismanagement, and the worst of American politics.
The architecture never matched the likes of the Pudong cluster to begin with, and now it’s but a shadow of what it was intended to be.




There are only so many companies in New York with the size to anchor a future 2 WTC. Then filter that list looking for companies that haven’t moved recently and whose current location puts them under the onus of a greedy landlord. The below is just a thought exercise, back of the envelope sort of thing.

The large investment banks have moved to midtown so they’re out.

The HR consulting firm Mercer is one possibility. I can’t think of another consulting firm with sufficient size.

There are some large tech companies with headquarters in Manhattan but most seem firmly ensconced in their present locations. CA Technologies is the only exception in tech I can think of.

Pfizer is moving to Hudson Yards so they’re out.

Interpublic Group moved its headquarters only three years ago so they’re out.

Viacom is another large media company like Fox that was previously looking for a new home. They were considering WTC at one point but ultimately opted to stay in Times Square.

Amazon is of course a possibility. The sheer number of buildings they occupy across Seattle is incredible.

There are many other companies to consider but I’ll stop here for now. This exercise though does make me realize just how small the number of potential anchors is when you apply the right filters.


To Robert’s point there is also ALOT of space unspoken for in the buildings going vertical already. Over 1 million sf available in each 50 HY and the Spiral and 700K+ in 1 Vanderbilt (even with the leases announced today).

Morgan Stanley may consolidate somewhere new but they were in WTC2 on 9/11 and imho are not likely to even consider downtown again, let alone the same address. More likely for them to take MW2 or even 15 Penn Plaza if they move at all.


While the future of 2 WTC remains TBD, I believe the existing foundation work should be put to good use in the interim. I’m familiar with a proposal earlier this year from an organization called Lab North for a garden facility to be built atop the “roof” of the foundation. That got me thinking about other possible temporary installations - an elevated green space with easy pedestrian access could “mirror” the elevated green walkway adjacent to St. Nicholas.


looks like another 200k+ sf tenant will land at Hudson Yards. What is Larry demanding? Whatever it is, it’s not attracting any big tenants.


Probably way too much than whatever is reasonable for this building to be built. Greedy clod.
The more I think about it, the angrier I get. Keeping such an important and symbolic site unfinished just for sheer greed.
What a tit




I think that’s an unfair statement…
we have no idea what the prices are but the other wtc towers are all priced competitively low.
Also, this building will cost more than twice as much as a comparable project outside the World Trade Center zone so it’s not necessarily greedy to ask for more money to build it.


well why would it cost twice as much for comparable class of office space in midtown or Hudson Yards?


Because they have to deal with nightmarish government agencies like the port authority who do everything they can to cause problems…
In addition to this Hudson yards is being built using sketchy non union labor that’s not permitted at all on the WTC site


not sure about the “sketchy non union labor” statement, sounds like a political talking point to me so I’ll let that go

but, I am curious, how did port authority cause this to double in price compared to the same office space in midtown (which was always double the price of downtown)