NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


I hope that Amazon goes to Newark but also leases 1m sf here for upper level employees.

Other than a tech company, Goldman is the best bet for 2WTC since they’re committed to downtown.


Yeah Newark is looking promising. Its one the few cities that actually had recent amazon execs visiting. It was something like less than 6 cities. So always positive.


I feel the same way. For the growth of the region, I’d like Newark to get it.


I’m just thinking of the monumental boom in store if it gets it. Right now, the pipeline for Newark is heating up. A lot pending, and I’d like to see more action. I think 2019 will be a good year for Newark.

The city is woefully lacking unlike its neighbor to the West (Jersey City for example). Only a matter of time before the demand spills over. I think for now, the relatively bargain prices in Newark is a prime catalyst for residential development. Even office too.

If Newark gets amazon, we should see a nice boom occur.

Not only that, but the trend is that once big players move in, it sets the motion of other larger companies considering the CBD.

There are many great cities on that list, but I’d argue that Newark would benefit the most from it. From a pure development standpoint, and some areas quite frankly need a little gentrification.

There’s a fine line when it comes to that… but Newark really could use it, at least in the areas surrounding downtown.


Is Goldman looking? Are they going to keep their (garbage) tower?

This thing should have been built on spec 15 years ago.

P.S. I’d like to see the World Financial Center updated too.


Considering Goldman built 200 west specifically to fit their needs, and using entirely their own money, I’d assume they will stay there for decades to come.

And it may be bland on the outside but it’s quite nice on the inside


That’s what I’d figure too. The price tag was over 2 billion.


I like the Goldman tower. I think that they’ll eventually need additional space.



25 Park Row has a nice view of 1 WTC for now

Field Condition



I think that this tower is stunning!!!


I like both designs. Silverstein just needs to get this done already


It’s the last angle of the BIG deigns that makes so many of us go YUCCKKK! I honestly can’t think of a more unflattering silhouette on an existing building.


the BIG design is dumpy


I don’t think I’ve seen the facade of the BIG design with the glass fins. I actually like it better now that it’s not just a flat glass curtain wall. But yes, I’ll take either design, just get the building up!


It was never flat, the vertical and horizontal cuts have been in design since it was proposed. You can see them here in the original 2015 render


If only they could just make the other side of the building looks like this one. It would look a little like a fatter, squatter 111W57th.


The BIG design just looks to comical and will look odd standing next to 1 WTC on the skyline. Foster’s design is more fitting for the WTC site imo.


I will say I like how the BIG design plays on 1 WTC’s lines. The cantilevers are my main gripe.