NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


He has expressed that he really cares about this tower


The Foster design just works. lol.


I was sketching out designs to see what ones I could make that fit for tower two, only one really worked.

I worked with it a bit in paint, and considering this is a quick custom design it isn’t meant to be god’s work, but I came up with something like this:

I tried to make something that both set back and forward in ways (Foster’s sloped back at the roof, BIG’s toppled inwards) and I wanted it to complement towers 3 and 4. (3’s shoulders are at 4’s roof and setback, so I tried to continue that) so that was the outcome I had.

The lobby part was an afterthought and wasn’t meant to be emphasized much, but I included it.


If i was 87 years old and worth $4 billion like Larry, I’d be fronting the construction costs to get a building rising now before I die. As in steel rising ASAP. I would want to see this site finished before I’m 6 feet under and have my legacy preserved. The building should still be standing 1,000 years from now (if we don’t destroy our planet before then) so I really don’t see the fixation on building some customized design for the first large tenant that signs a lease. There will always be a demand for Class A office space in Manhattan, esp. near transit centers. If you really want to be a hero, then rent floorspace at a discounted rate to nonprofits, schools, and cultural institutions for the first 10 years. Your kids won’t go hungry at night Mr. Silverstein! Worry about your legacy over your pockets, that’s what real Gs do!

All you capitalists can set me straight in the comments but this is my “Pretending I’m Larry Silverstein” fantasy and I wanted to put it in writing! BUILD IT NOW!


Being worth $4 billion is a lot different than having access to $4 billion (which is probably how much 2 will cost given how much 1 did).
When they say ‘worth $4 Billion’ it would mean him selling off all his other projects

Also sidenote to all y’all Larry haters— don’t forget that the other bidder was Donald trump.


Yeah they are better off building BIG’s design if they cut the diamonds from the design. But I don’t like Silverstien as a developer. I think this parcel in the right hands would of made progress a long time ago.

Its just kinda bs and poor negotiation. A booming office market, and not one serious tenant landed during a period where the need for supply was high. There were plenty of great, AAA+ tenants out there, but somehow it fell short in the negotiation period. Something does not add up.

I think a failure was putting all the eggs in one basket for Fox. A whole damn tower design for one tenant. All of the resources that could of been used and devoted to accommodating a serious tenant(s). Notice the “S”.


Here’s a true story, not really related to anything but figured I’d share - I used to work in 55 broad st years ago, owned by billionaire Bill Rudin. I saw this dude for years in the lobby and walking around, always in an average looking black suit and often wearing a ballcap. I thought he was a security guard who was a big Mets fan and I used to make small talk with him about baseball. I didn’t know for the LONGEST time I was talking to a billionaire real estate mogul. Anyway, I don’t know if Rudin is a developer, but I agree ANYBODY else woulda got this building off the ground by now.


It’s honestly a disgrace nothing has happened here yet. Whatever rises should be built as the tallest building in the city, bar none. Let’s hit 2000 feet to the roof!


I was driving through Louisville, Colorado today and noticed a neat sculpture on the corner of the road. Couldnt get a pic but here is the google maps image.


There’s only one acceptable design for this site.


it’s on pizza boxes. just sayn’


Yea I often wonder the same thing. Business tycoons back in the day wanted to build a monument that they could put their name on and be proud of. Why arn’t there any businessmen today that want to do the same thing?

Can’t take that money with you, why not make something that will stand for hundreds of years?


It’s on posters all over the city too. Never have I seen an unbuilt building be such a landmark.


It’s because everyone knows its what SHOULD be built! Pay attention Silverstein. The people have spoken.


right? it’s bizarre, almost. its image is in a lot of places, yet it doesn’t exist yet. already iconic!


Everytime I see this on the train I just get sad:


Isn’t 2 wtc foster also on the video that plays when you go up to the obs deck on 1 wtc? I could of swore I remember seeing it.


Yup, and 5 World Trade


I just noticed YIMBY’s September interview was posted to the WTC website, awesome!


Thats good. So it further invigorates the idea that foster can happen.