NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


Unless we ignore the precedent set, we can expect a height-reduced, value-engineered redesign of whichever building is cheaper to erect.


Honestly, I’d much rather nothing be built than having to look at a height-reduced, value -engineered design at that site. What a shame that would be.


I mean, the way I think about it is that pretty much every major skyscraper ever built has been value engineered. And it’s much better at street level to have a building there, even if it’s a cheap design


Street level, yes. But every time I’d see the skyline I would think of could’ve been…


I highly doubt that. Something stunning will rise here. It’s Larry’s legacy.


Silverstein is a twit.
He cut corners with 1wtc, 3wtc and 4wtc.
Everything leads to believe he will cut corners with 2 aswell.
If I have learnt anything with this whole saga is that never expect Larry to deliver cos he won’t.
What a shame that this site doesn’t get the dignity it deserves because of this schmuck


I don’t agree. The cross-bracing was limited on 3 because it looks great for non-tenants from the outside but not for tenants from the inside.

2 WTC will be great, and I’m no Pollyanna.


Eh but then we have the height cut to explain. Even without the spires, 3WTC should have been taller.

I think whatever design we get will suffer a height cut. Which is a shame since I think 2WTC should be the same height as its predecessor to the roof.


I’m confident about this. The HY towers are basically all set now, so there’s less competition. I could see Google leasing this.


I truly hope you are right Robert trust me.
I’ve been disappointed one too many times I think hahha.


Now Google would be a class AAA tenant. Yeah that would really be trophy location for it. Most powerful tech company in the most powerful business district.


Recent interview via yimby with Silverstien. Key point is that foster can still happen.


YIMBY recently sat down with Larry Silverstein to discuss his firm’s upcoming projects, as well as the status of the World Trade Center’s last remaining office supertall-to-be, at 200 Greenwich Street. With 3,000 new rental units in the works and Norman Foster’s design still on the table for Two World Trade Center, the scope of work Mr. Silverstein is undertaking is also now expanding into Journal Square and Queens.

Will Two World Trade Center be complete by 2025?

I believe so. Someone’s going to come along.

What are the chances we see the Foster design instead of the BIG Plan?

Well, we now have two designs to choose from. They’re very different. Someone’s going to come along, we have a choice of two fantastic plans to show, and whichever that occupant prefers is the one we will build.

So Foster’s can still happen?


What projects are you working on at the moment?

A lot. Well, Mercedes Benz is moving forward. We have a significant project in the works in Queens. We have something similar going in Journal Square. So Queens, Journal Square, also residential high rise rental housing. We have about 2,500, maybe 3,000 rental units in the works.

Is the market shifting towards high-density towers?

As the area grows, as more people come into it, lots of young people getting entry level jobs need a place to live as close to their work as possible. So two PATH station stops and you’re in Journal Square, that’s not bad from Manhattan. Twelve or fifteen minutes and you’re in Journal Square, it’s pretty convenient.

You’ve read about our acquisition of the ABC project over on the West Side in the Lincoln Center area. That’s a pretty damn exciting opportunity that’s shaping up. Disney will stay in possession of their campus for 5 years, 3.5 years for their non-campus stuff. That’ll happen over a ten year period, so, it’s going to keep us busy. You put all these things together, there’s a lot going on.



That makes me insanely happy


You and I both. Fingers crossed that if a tenant is landed, their needs will suffice for Foster to rise. Its really the cherry needed on this cake. Hurdles, delays, and controversies aside, the WTC complex is beautiful, and adds so much… but this… THIS… is the project that will solidify it.


This is the gem of the project… It truly has much more of an impact visually than One WTC imo.


If they don’t value engineer it


My fear is they build it and replace the diamonds with flat roofs. :open_mouth:


Silverstein is a dingbat. He’s capable of it


That won’t happen. This tower is Larry’s legacy.


Doesn’t Larry live in the Four Seasons? You would think he’d like a nice tower to look at.