NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


Unless we ignore the precedent set, we can expect a height-reduced, value-engineered redesign of whichever building is cheaper to erect.


Honestly, I’d much rather nothing be built than having to look at a height-reduced, value -engineered design at that site. What a shame that would be.


I mean, the way I think about it is that pretty much every major skyscraper ever built has been value engineered. And it’s much better at street level to have a building there, even if it’s a cheap design


Street level, yes. But every time I’d see the skyline I would think of could’ve been…


I highly doubt that. Something stunning will rise here. It’s Larry’s legacy.


Silverstein is a twit.
He cut corners with 1wtc, 3wtc and 4wtc.
Everything leads to believe he will cut corners with 2 aswell.
If I have learnt anything with this whole saga is that never expect Larry to deliver cos he won’t.
What a shame that this site doesn’t get the dignity it deserves because of this schmuck


I don’t agree. The cross-bracing was limited on 3 because it looks great for non-tenants from the outside but not for tenants from the inside.

2 WTC will be great, and I’m no Pollyanna.


Eh but then we have the height cut to explain. Even without the spires, 3WTC should have been taller.

I think whatever design we get will suffer a height cut. Which is a shame since I think 2WTC should be the same height as its predecessor to the roof.


I’m confident about this. The HY towers are basically all set now, so there’s less competition. I could see Google leasing this.


I truly hope you are right Robert trust me.
I’ve been disappointed one too many times I think hahha.


Now Google would be a class AAA tenant. Yeah that would really be trophy location for it. Most powerful tech company in the most powerful business district.