NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD



The murals look excellent! Guess I should start planning a trip down to NYC to check them out for myself.


I thought the steel columns for the tower was interesting.



New York City by Alan Wu, on Flickr


That second photo, makes me wish an identical 1 WTC without the spire was to the right of it.


DB’s decision not to go here was a colossal letdown. I hope that a tenant signs up here soon. This is ridiculous.


I wish we could keep 2wtc as a park and put a twin 1wtc, perhaps over fulton and using that giant ass entrance doorway it has as a tunnel, kinda like the municipal building. Bit of a jumpy idea but it’ll probably never happen (similar to the current tower)


Looks like work has started on where the trees will eventually be.



Some trees have been planted.

This might be opened next week according to Tribeca Citizen.


Oh no, they scrapped the green living wall?! :frowning_face:

I mean I get it, it’s much more cost efficient to let artists paint some murals there, but the lightened green living wall would have been spectacular.


“2 WTC is underway”
Oh, and BIG’s proposal was released 3 years ago today


They even value engineered a green wall to a mural from a building site that’s already value engineered. Doesn’t hold much for good news lol


Construction fence has been removed from most of the site.


The living wall may still be happening. The temporary plaza is not yet complete even though they have opened it. The brackets to hold the wall have mostly been installed already unless they plan on painting over that too,. Hopefully not. They apparently only plan on having this open for the next 6 months to a year until a tenant is found (wishful thinking).


Photos of the new plaza from Tribeca Citizen


I like this but all its saying to me is that 2 WTC is never going to rise


It will rise in time. Premium office space in the world capital is too valuable.


Yes everyone needs to get the idea it wont rise out of their heads. It will rise. There is no question. It is prime real estate and extremely valuable space. There are not many places to build an almost 3m sq ft tower of this girth and height in Manhattan. The waiting sucks but it will happen.


I see a BIG silhouette in the first pic.