NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


it’s an interesting market.
unfortunately, the huge offices haven’t been so popular since ‘08 but these tech companies are signing some pretty big leases.
The big banks, which used to champion these huge buildings, now are all more or less settled down.
People will come eventually, but it will probably come after the next recession. I see the office market drying up soon in preparation for a few years’ market downturn


Don’t know what the trigger will be but we’re overdue. Running on what exactly…fumes?


Agreed. It’s kind of ridiculous these days.


It’s the age of ridiculousness. They will read, watch and hear about us.


This will not be built unless the office portion is scaled back dramatically. I think that 1.5m sf is the maximum amount of office space that should rise here. The rest should be condos, hotels, and maybe even some rentals.


Can they build mixed use here?


If the laws require pure office, I’m sure that they would be amended for this site to accommodate a mixed use tower. No one wants this to be an undeveloped site for ten more years.




I doubt the PANYNJ minds bending a few rules, or helping Silverstein to do so


I wonder if they are going to complete Vesey St from Church to the intersection of Greenwich and Vesey near the PAC. That section along 2 WTC looks ridiculous and honestly even when construction on Tower 2 resumes they don’t need all that space for staging.

PS: They have opened the temporary side walk on the 2 WTC side of Fulton. Also, three new planters arrived. Looks to be the start of the temp. plaza.



Still holding faith for that gap to be filled, but to be honest I agree with most people and want a design to rise and finish the site


Ugh. 3 WTC turned out ridiculously shorter than the render shows. It actually looks smaller than 4 WTC from that angle. Sad. Tower 2 better not disappoint when it rises someday.


They should just get Maki to come back and design 2. 4 turned out to be the best out of the current 3. He worked best under the constraints.


The render was actually incorrect in a few places. I think in the render they have 3 World Trade 80 floors even though it actually has 68, but noticable flaws are the earlier Oculus design and they have the podium 12 floors instead of 11


They keep marketing it as 80 floors lol. Just like 4 WTC doesn’t really have 72 floors. Its all a scheme lol. I’m just frustrated with how short Tower 3. It looks ridiculous next to 4 WTC from certain angles. Nevertheless it did turn out to be a gorgeous tower in all other aspects so at least we have that!


Uuuuh, hey guys take a look at the memorial webcams from EarthCam. They started to add some colorful graphics on the south side of the temporary building.

I think it looks kinda cool. Can’t wait to see if there will be more and if this will be integrated into the plaza in some way. :slightly_smiling_face:


It looks very good.


Hello, I’m new to the forum. In my opinion that the best opportunity for this to get off the ground is in ABC being the anchor tenet. Silverstein is looking to buy the property on W. 66th street. It makes sense that a deal COULD be in the works for ABC to relocate to 200 Greenwich? Sorry, if someone else mentioned this possibility.


I agree, but it seems that ABC wants to go to Hudson Square, which is odd, because it’s an extremely inconvenient location.


Thanks Robert! I agree with you in that Hudson Square isn’t ideal. ABC could be using Hudson Square as leverage in negotiating a lower rent for 200 Greenwich? All speculation on my part.