NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


That’s an old story. DB has been through the ringer since October. They’ll probably stay at 60 Wall.

This would be nice for Amazon — not for HQ2, but they’ll still probably get even more space in NY.


seems a move to 2 WTC hasn’t been thrown out yet.

The move was part of a plan to create new a new revenue stream for Deutsche in an effort to turn around three successive years of losses at the bank. That poor performance led the German institution earlier this month to shake things up and name Christian Sewing as the bank’s new chief executive to replace outgoing CEO John Cryan.

Sewing faces some tough decisions that will chart the future of the bank, including what to do with its headquarters here in New York City. Deutsche Bank is currently headquartered Downtown at 60 Wall Street, and has been looking for a new office that could be as big as 1.3 million square feet.

Potential new homes include Two World Trade Center, 50 Hudson Yards and the Time Warner Center. The bank could also decide to renew and stay put.


I want off this emotional roller coaster.


This is a generic sentence based off of the old reports. Silverstein wouldn’t have built the plaza if they thought progress would happen soon, and also – and I can’t stress this enough – Deutsche Bank is on skid row. There is close to zero chance they could afford a building like 2WTC. They’re laying off huge portions of the US offices and massively downsizing, and my guess is in a couple of years their NYC presence won’t be big enough to anchor 2WTC anyway…

New CEO is laying off tons of investment bankers


Saw this on the train the other day. It’s strange seeing unbuilt buildings popping up in places that are not renderings.

I have seen Foster’s diamond version around in various art works and media. But not BIGs…


Fosters design is where it should be, with all the other iconic buildings :joy:


Pretty interesting doc on Netflix about BIG and 2WTC - Larry Silverstein makes a cameo



South side of 2 in all its glory:


Glad the site is back, although I’m not happy about this:

Deutsche Bank Joins Wall Street Exodus for View of Central Park


Yeah this is extremely disappointing. The Financial District seems to hardly be that anymore. No shot at a 2 WTC by the 20th anniversary at this point.


Neither This design, nor Foster’s, will ever be built. They need to go with a mixed use tower with much less office space.


We need a mixed use tower that is 1,775 to the rooftop.

It should be the grandest hotel in the world and the most expensive condos in downtown history with a sizable portion of office space, though nowhere as large as currently proposed.

Only then will the heart of NYC be fully restored. Only then will our giant scar be relegated to the ash heap of history.


The address could never get good condos and the hotel would be overrun by tourists. It would be grand in theory, but it’s a plan which is impossible to execute well.

The WTC area is not very prestigious, high-end, or pleasant around Church St.


30 Park Place, 111 Murray, etc. all did really well.


I do think mixed-use with a large hotel component could work.


111 is in basically an entirely different neighborhood than the 2 WTC lot.
That stretch of church by the WTC is awful – around Millennium Hilton, C21, and Oculus, and no $35 million dollar condo buyer type would want to live on a block like that.
If you’ve ever been there during the warm season recently, the armies of disoriented tourists waving their selfie sticks is a huge turn-off.
A hotel could be successful, but it would turn out very tourist-y and underwhelming.


It’s a very sad situation in general. I was hoping to see the new WTC complete before the 20th anniversary, but if that’s not the case, perhaps they should just make the space into one huge plaza. They could possibly erect a monument of statue of some sorts, as well. If you can’t get a tower there, then something is better than nothing.


It will come eventually. There will be office demand, just not now. I don’t think any condos should be at this site. Maybe a small hotel inside, but it’s not a good idea to waist valuable land on condos and a huge hotel.


But the problem is that companies big enough to sign a 1m sf lease don’t want to be Downtown.