NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


He was legit.

DB was looking at this and for all we know they still might go there. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay at 60 Wall. DB has problems.


They’ve done a lot of work on the plaza in the past few days :grinning:


Yeah he was legit but the info had to be removed for legal purposes. I spend ages deleting all of his posts and any traces to it meaning replies and info in replies based off of it.

Rule of thumb or lesson to be learned is that if one leaks info, do it discretely and don’t use your real name lol! :wink:


I honestly don’t get what’s the need for so much secrecy in this case. It’s info about a building we anxiously want to see completed not the names of undercover CIA agents.


The thing is when some work for certain companies and sign contracts to not give away restrictive info, they face legal trouble along with also getting fired.

Its the same concept for proprietary information.

For example, a company like Merck wouldn’t want someone giving their research to a competitor.

In the case of this building, especially with negotiations, you wouldn’t want to give away details of those negotiations to potential contacts from other industries who MAY be interested in being a tenant here. Things like pricing, bids, and so on. It’ll give them an unfavorable advantage in negotiations with a prospective tenant.


But for our sake, at YIMBY, we root for the leakers! Whoever is “A” leaker just be smart about it…! :blush:


I just thought that we’d have an official announcement by now…


It seems that DB doesn’t have the money for something like this. I assume that it’s negotiating hard for a great deal at 60 Wall.


Go figure that the elevator animation at 1 WTC has the original spire, 2 WTC, and 5 WTC as the “view” on the way down. It was all one big lie.


Well the elevator footage was made as late as May 2015, which was at the time what the site was supposed to look like in the future. I’m pretty sure that the spire on 1WTC is how it is now, although it’s hard to tell.


Just let me be overly dramatic for a moment. :joy:


If I’m not mistaken, it also has the spires on 3 WTC too :wink:


I don’t think its that intentional. At the time the CGI was made, that was what they believed the trade center would look like in a few years. And redoing it is probably a cost they don’t want to spend until the design has been finalized again


Honestly i think they should stick with Fosters design or if they are going for the new design then they should at least get started on constructing the new foundation for (Bjarke 2 wtc…




I think it’ll be a hole in the ground for quite awhile, or the temporary plaza will quietly become permanent. I’m tired of following this building. I remember when the thread was started over at skyscrapercity 10 years ago.

I’m assuming something disappointing will happen in another 10 years.


The plaza wont become permanent. There will be a 2 World Trade. Not a matter of if but when.


That’s true, and I think it won’t be too long.


Man I hope! I’m ready for it!


Interesting line in TRD might not be dead in the water yet.

Deutsche Bank, for example, is reportedly considering leasing 1.3 million square feet at Silverstein Properties’ and 50 Hudson Yards, which is being developed by the Related Companies, Oxford Properties Group and Mitsui Fudosan America.