NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


I think it depends on the time of day. Do you take them early in the morning or around rush hour? I find that night time, or even mid afternoon, like 1-2 pm is best time. They are not at their peak attentiveness due to the high carb lunch. :wink:


Back in August when I was at the World Trade, I was peeking my camera through a fence to get photos of the pieces of the Sphere and this worker spotted me and started coming towards me. A few seconds later when I saw him, I just moved on and went into the Oculus


Did they say when the plaza will open? Would be nice if it did around when 3WTC opens.


Everything from the Oculus plaza to the pathway between 3 and 4 should open, my guess



It’s not on the tower’s footprint. I have my fingers crossed for DB.


unfortunately, this instagram post alludes that DB is no longer interested. Perhaps the Silverstein rep lied because of a disclosure agreement, though the way it was worded didn’t leave much hope in my mind.


Yea whatever happened to the user on here who seemed to have so much inside info? Beginning to think he was exaggerating some claims or may have been lying all together. Talk about getting blue balled on this one :expressionless:


That post doesn’t come from Silverstein. It appears to be from some unrelated individual.


It actually is on the tower’s footprint. It’s just that the temporary ventilation and Oculus entrance building isn’t extended out to the rest of the footprint. The temporary plaza and temporary building takes up the entire footprint


That doesn’t appear to be the case from the rendering, but who knows.



That’s east of the tower’s footprint.



As sad as it is to see, that there is absolutely no progress for 2WTC, but I do love the temporary plaza idea very much. This and the fact that there will be (almost) no fencing around the footprint makes the whole area so much more welcoming imo.

I was really looking forward to see 2WTC rise when I visit NYC again, but now I’m also happy to see this nice temporary plaza come to life.


Honestly, at this point, what about a mega-tall monument to 9/11 on this site, with a sky-deck? It would take business from 1 WTC’s deck, but you could make it so that the view of the monument from 1 WTC is worth the price of admission.

I realize I’m thinking way out there, but it might be time to do just that. It’s been 17 years, it could easily be another 10.


I feel a mega tall doesn’t fit at this site. It would almost seem out of place. The focus should be on the memorial. Plus, how would they build a mega tall if they can’t even build this design?


I’m saying the tower itself would be another memorial, and would incorporate the existing memorial through things like lighting and perspective. It could even find a way to make the Tribute in Light a nightly display.
It wouldn’t be an office building, but just a memorial and observation tower (like a Skyrise Miami type structure).

Just trying to think outside the box. :man_shrugging:


Oh I see.


Seems that guy with all the inside info was nothing more than a larper.