NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


Yeah I agree. Maybe someday…


I’m just angry. I have many wonderful memories being at the original complex, I just feel this whole process has been a slap in the face to New Yorker’s and survivors alike. But yeah, maybe someday. Hopefully…


I want to know why architect refuse to make twin towers again? but I know some people say will terrorist attack again and don’t want twin towers. I suggest architect should make stronger floors twin towers again…


also I feel no respect for architect Minouri Yamaskai WTC very sad. I don’t respect David Childs current new wtc YUCK awful shape


I’m sorry, are you for real?


what you mean for real?


“As a life long New Yorker it sickens me to know our Trade Center is still only halfway done and will likely remain that way for more years to come.”
I’d say the whole WTC is 75% done


Meh. If you include 5 WTC/ the PAC and 2 WTC still incomplete then it really is only halfway done. Once the PAC is complete, then I’d say its 75% done. Regardless this whole thing is just a mess.


As for the fences, this is what they could look like once 3 World Trade and the temporary plaza opens

Updated PAC


Note the tree plantings around the 2 diagram. They won’t be fencing it anymore


Excuse me… why you ignored me my post asking you what you mean “Are you for real?”


There are a great number of reasons that those towers weren’t built and this forum and thread is not at all the place to bring up debates like that, especially something which was already irrelevant by 2006, and massively overdiscussed…


Thanks, will be nice when you can walk freely around Church Street.


I agree. It will eventually be good to not see construction equipment on the site. As much as I like the construction aspect of things, the whole WTC area I want devoid of it. So that we may finally return to a sense of normality. I just wonder if this complex and 5 WTC will rise or finish before HY Phase II finishes. Which btw is on its way. Summer time should be the period which we see more details.


I see yeah…


Really is a shame that nothing has happened …


I second everything @StrongIsland said. This is exactly how I’ve always felt about the whole mess. It’s an insult not only to New York but to America as a whole that almost 20 years later there are still gaping holes in that complex. Silverstein is a greedy schmuck, who should’ve sold the site ages ago, the local government is a mess, the whole situation, all players included is a clusterfuck. The more I think about it, the more angry I get


That’s not even mentioning how much the buildings were value engineered. From the base corners and plaza of Tower 1, the design and spires of Tower 3, literally all of Tower 2, and even the church. For such a historic and solemn site, they couldn’t agree on anything. It’s just bad publicity for everyone involved. Well for the PANYNJ, it’s just more bad publicity.


Dozen or so guys doing work at this site. At least they’re getting this plaza stuff done…


PAPD gives me trouble whenever I try to take photos— otherwise I’d share