NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


I think he deleted his account.


I mean, someone probably realized he was giving away that information and made him remove it. I seriously doubt SilvProp wants stuff related to private negotiations to be spread around random forums like this
It was nothing that secret but still the info he was sharing probably came with a confidentiality notice…


I mean I guess. It wasn’t anything secretive though so it’s all speculation. I shouldn’t be shocked there’s no news on this anyway.


It’s all politics at the end of the day.


Not sure if any of you follow the financial industry, but Deutsche Bank is an absolute wreck these days. I hate to say this, but there’s next to no chance they could anchor 2wtc right now


Larry needs to lower his asking for them, as many have said before. He can get his money later on, just get the thing done.


They’re going to need to dramatically downsize if they want to stay alive, and therefore are probably tentative about signing a large anchor lease.
Speculation recently has been that they might largely pull out of the US as they are no longer profitable


Temporary plaza at the site, like 5 WTC

Photos from Instagram from @nycurbanism


Seen here


“On our tour of #3WTC earlier this month a rep for Silverstein confirmed there are no prospective tenants at the moment.”

This doesn’t sound too good.

The plaza looks great! Would this mean all construction fences would be taken down on the site (besides the PAC area)?


Pathetic. This can be built on spec but the greedy ass bastard just won’t do it. Thanks for the update though Tom!


As much as I’d like to see it rise tomorrow (or last decade…) I can’t blame him for not pouring over a billion dollars into a potentially disastrous venture. I can blame him for holding onto the site though. Sell it to someone who can get a deal.


Hey everyone…I wonder that how long going to be built 2 WTC? I look that say 2 WTC completed going in 2022? I still don’t think so because I feel it long time! Also 3 WTC open on June 2018 right? I feel sad that twin towers much better than new WTC, because why to make 5 towers taller not like twin towers? I seem to me take long time like new 2 wtc and 5 or 6 wtc not built take long time SUCK.


After 17 years there is absolutely no excuse as to why we don’t have 2 WTC built. That should have went up along side 1 WTC rather than 4. I know it had to do with the PA committing to the building and the deal they struck yadayada but this is just embarrassing. This isn’t just another piece of real estate. The Trade Center should have been rebuilt in full as soon as the final design plans were approved. The amount of money spent and wasted on re designs and delays could have had all 5 towers rebuilt at once. Look at Hudson Yards. Now that is how you build a complex.


But it’s not really Silversteins fault. They’re nowhere near as big as Oxford/Related, and can’t really afford to build on spec without risking their solvency. The PA, New York State gov’t, insurance companies, etc. have screwed them over every step of the way…


Also remember construction was hindered by all those survivors and victim families saying they hated the redevelopment, etc


I blame them all. He can sell the site. He clearly is not capable of getting this done. After all these years. There is no excuse on any of their parts. This should have been done years ago.


Right but the final designs were all set and approved by 2006. This all could have been complete by 2012 like they claimed. It’s a sick joke at this point. As a life long New Yorker it sickens me to know our Trade Center is still only halfway done and will likely remain that way for more years to come.


Tbh I’ve kinda given up. On a nice day it’s pretty spectacular down there. Once there’s no more fences, PAC is done, and they clean up 1’s hideous dirty windows I’ll be satisfied.


I do agree it has become quite beautiful down there. It is a much different Financial District than I grew up with the West St. renovations and Towers 1, 3, 4 and 7 are all beautiful, but 2 WTC has a special place in our hearts. It was one of the towers and it is deserving to finally stand again (with Foster’s design or any other one of equal or greater design).