NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


If they do value engineer, hopefully they can do it elsewhere, like the base for example or maybe use a difference facade that is cheaper in nature.


Speaking of the base, was it ever confirmed that it would start almost black and as it rises it would become blue, or is that just a shadow?


Probably just a shadow


Looks like a shadow. Here is a closer look at the base. (click to zoom)


Oh okay thank you :smiley:


That is the original 2006 design, here’s the recent 2011 façade design


That is incredible! I never knew they redesigned the glass, thanks for the info!


I think they did it to cheapen it. You’ll also notice in the original design that they use metal cladding too


The darker base was definitely better in my opinion. Would have matched 3 WTC’s base a little more but whats done is done. Lets just all put out the positive vibes that DB signs on and gets 2 WTC built!


Either one would have been nice! If they do redesign it, I hope they keep some elements from this design (which they most likely will, considering the foundation is for this design).


not getting my hopes up.


Thomas and I are gonna try and make some concepts


Just finished one

So in my concept/design tweak I kept 2 of the diamonds for 2 reasons. The purpose of these 2 in the original design was to reflect sunlight onto the pools as I’ve previously said and having 2 main structures on the building will symbolize the Twin Towers. Cutting out the other 2 diamonds and structures below them will reduce floor space sutible for a tenant and the parts that slope mimic the slopes on One World Trade Center. The part on the retail base where it caves in is what I specially designed as a grand entrance for the retail part of the building on the West side and including the station entrance on the East side


you have me sold


I’m hoping more than anything else there is no height reduction. Relieved BIG’s design is no longer being considered but at the same time disappointed the diamonds may be cut. Something more than just a reduced cost glass box (3 Hudson Blvd) has to rise at this site.


Here is a design that i made myself. I made an alternate. Which one do you guys like better?


3d model

View it yourself:


The floors are simply too small for a financial services firm like Deutsche. Look at the sheer size, especially in the base, of 200 West or 383 Madison or 388 Greenwich


It’s just my concept, I wouldn’t believe that either. I also wouldn’t think this would pass a wind test


Awesome! When can we expect it?