NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


anything is better than nothing. just looking forward to the final void in the skyline being filled…
I think it will be quite funny when the tower is topping out and New Yorkers finally realize they built fraternal twin towers. too many people think its just One.

Perhaps it’s premature, but I think we should all give Larry some credit for getting this done. He’s had enough doubters and haters for all these years.


I personally would rather have nothing than BIG’s design. I think it’s absolutely horrendous, and an insult to the site.

And based on initial reactions, it could easily become the most hated building in the city.

But hopefully I’ll be completely wrong.


Foster design was meant for financial services firms like Deutsche, the base even has big trading floors. Furthermore, the foundation is already made to foster blueprint so it makes more sense to stick with foster.
I would’ve loved either, but foster will look fantastic looking from uptown… almost twins


I thought there might have been another member on here who worked for one of the big elevator companies like otis or thyssenkrupp? Anyone know who that is? Maybe he will see this and have more info.


I just hope they break the silence at Silverstein ASAP


by the way y’all, I passed the site the other day and they’re clearing all the junk out of the tower two site, and I even saw some steel beams lying in there. Maybe they’re already preparing for construction


lol wow I come to the thread and see Uptons everywhere. Must be good news.

Anyway, I don’t care what is built at this point, but I would rather there be no height cuts. There isn’t really any twin effect from either T2 version if they chop the tower height.


As excited as I am to finally see something built here, I am disturbed by the idea of a leaning tower at this particular site, for obvious reasons.


The anticipation since last night is giving me all sorts of anxiety


Don’t disappoint, Kate!!!


So is the original Foster design out of the question? Is Foster back on to at least design the tower?


Though I’m saddened we might not get the diamond top, there’s nothing Foster has done that I’ve hated, so I’m quite relieved to hear this.


I agree, if he is doing the redesign, I’m all for it!


All the WTC buildings have had cost cutting and it shows.


Thanks Thomas.



I mean, I’d be happy with the current height, and Thomas’s vision if it happened, but still… 2 WTC without the diamonds is like a man getting kicked down there. Its a sting, and just ruins the moment.

BUT if it finally means this long stalled property rises, and if it returns the WTC site to a sense of normality, and not perma-construction, I guess we can all cheers to that.



All of us right now


I doubt it would look like that but if it were, I’m sure a lot of us would feel like it could have been something even better


The diamonds actually had a purpose to reflect the sun’s light on the memorial pools, it’s a genius design but HOW could they get rid of that. Something symbolic should not be removed. That’s like tipping the Statue of Liberty into the Hudson and just leaving the concrete pedestal