NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


Larry is a greedy old prune and a schmuck imo, I have already stated my reasoning earlier in this thread.

Robert is too nice


I’ve read many things that suggest he’s a very good guy, but he doesn’t seem to have what it takes to get the job done with this tower.


Understood, cant wait to hear the news!



Based on the MEP layouts, can we expect a return to the original bank-oriented Foster design, or an adapted BIG design?

As evidenced by the “looking forward to” posts here and elsewhere, this is by far the most anticipated tower in NYC, if not the US. (It’s painful every time someone calls 1WTC “the world trade center” by itself – having “sister” towers was always the goal)


He could hypothetically build on spec, but it would be almost all of silvprop’s liquidity, and if all the prospective tenants went to Hudson, silvprop would run the risk of becoming insolvent.


It will really suck if Larry does not close this deal. Indeed, if he fails, he sold relinquish his rights to this site. It’s unfair to NY.


Interesting. Somewhat odd location.


I think it’s an amazing location, but I hope it doesn’t happen. Anyway, I can envision DB seriously shrinking its footprint in NY to upper echelon people and sending scores of back office people to places like Jacksonville.

If Larry can’t seal the deal, he must go.

He should do this at cost to get the ball rolling:


Oh god. That doesn’t sound to good. I sincerely hope they ultimately choose 2 WTC. It NEEDS to get built.


If Larry fails, his inability to close the deal will be unfair to the City. He must go.


I completely agree, Robert.


JPMC isnt going to 2wtc


Did DB ever commit anywhere yet? Werent we supposed to hear about a possible DB Silverstein deal in Feb sometime? That was the rumor at least…


I know it’s really disappointing we’re still not getting good news. At the very worst can’t they find some government agencies to anchor it like tower 4 and just waste the taxpayer money?


Ugh. I really wonder why JPMC wont return to the Trade Center or why there has been no DB news yet. Hope I’m still alive by the time Tower 2 rises.


I wish the site would just go residential to be honest. Just fill it up with 1000’s of units. Make it largest residential tower in the world by unit count. Of course would call for a redesign, but quite frankly, better than nada.


I agree. Honestly they need to do something. It’s just completely embarrassing at this point.


Well that is disappointing news for the WTC but good for Midtown East.


Agree. At least we will still have a potential skyline altering building.