NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


But will they choose BIG’s design or Fosters?


BIG is my heart


BIG design is better than foster design because foster look like castle top roof so ugly not great shape tower and Big design look like Taipei 101 stack box I like… Do you know that t I like skyscraper right now is Taipei 101 ever.


2 WTC and the theoretical 5 WTC for Amazon? They could probally lease all of it.

Would be nice to have them all consolidated in one general area. Would be neat. Plus the 1000’s of jobs would be excellent for the economy of the area. Add high paying jobs, 1000’s of new jobs, and I see a big residential boom for downtown.


The jackasses in the City will thwart this. Amazon rightfully expects money, and the City has repeatedly said it won’t give any.


The advantage here is that Amazon could have most of the place to itself. By occupying the roughly 2.5 million square feet of combined available space in 1 and 3 WTC, plus the additional 4.5 million square feet planned for the yet-to-be-built 2 and 5 WTC buildings, the company would be well on its way to reaching its long-range goal of 8 million square feet."


One can dream


The capital investment of 5 billion would be enough to get 2 WTC to rise. Really no need for a loan either.

NY is the obvious choice. Good transit, talent pool, access to major players in the area. Much better choice than Kansas City.


If Amazon DOES choose the WTC (fingers crossed) does that mean BIG’s design, Fosters’s design, or a totally new design. Also, this brings up hope for the long-abandoned 5 WTC too!


I think that would be up to them, and floor space which BIG’s has more


A spokesperson for Silverstein Properties confirmed the settlement. “We are pleased to have finally reached a resolution to this piece of post-9/11 litigation. We are currently devoting our attention to the ongoing construction of 3 World Trade Center, which we will open in the spring, and to the development of 2 World Trade Center,” he told by email.


They should redesign 2 WTC to be the tallest in the city. 1776’ to the roof with a roof-top observation deck and a 225 foot structural spire to honor 9-11 for a total height of 2001 feet.
A 250 foot structural spire for a total height of 2026 feet which would stand for aways looking forward while remembering our past as it would be 25 years after 9-11 and also the 250th anniversary of the country.


I don’t know who the tenant will be, but this leaning tower is apropos for DB whose corporate symbol is:


Hahhahahha good one robert ! :+1:


Thanks, Robert!

Hopefully, this tower will be running at full steam soon.



I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high for this tower.

Let’s see if Larry can seal the deal.

I have strong doubts.


Unfortunately, I agree. With this complex I’ve learned to “believe it when I see it” and maybe not even then


If, as I expect, Larry loses this battle, it will be time for him to get out of the WTC and let Related take over. They would wind up developing 2 WTC, 5 WTC, the performance space, and St. Nicholas in record time. Then, they’d wind up buying some underutilized buildings and developing them too.


What’s really disturbing is that there will not be a completed World Trade Center by the 20th anniversary. It makes me sick to even think about. F*ck Larry. He can build the damn thing on spec and won’t. He is cheap, greedy old scum.


Larry seems like a very good guy, but he’s old and isn’t a developer in the league of Related or Brookfield. He’s more like Moinian, and we’ve seen how old Joe can can’t get big office projects out of the ground.

I hope that I’m proven wrong, but I wouldn’t count on 2 WTC rising any time soon.