NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


Good video, Paschal.

Let’s hope that DB saves the day.


It only makes sense that DB should go to the WTC. It would be great to see them back at the Trade Center after their HQ was destroyed 16 years ago tomorrow. And frankly, it will get those guys on SSC to stop being so butthurt over BIG’s tower. Sometimes I like to call SSC ‘NIMBY’


Also a little off topic, but I noticed in the video that @Pascal_Schierz linked us, it looks as though the Woolworth Building’s scaffolding is going away! Finally, we can see that lovely crown again!


Looks like since Related is getting 50 HY, then it looks like DB might take 2 WTC!


Related is the developer of 50 HY and this article covers that they scored the necessary financing to complete that project. As an owner, Related took space in 30 HY, not 50 HY. However, DB was a contributor to the construction loan. That makes me think they might be more interested more in leasing space at 50 HY. Still, that does not equate to an intent to lease space.


Ohhh. :\ well don’t i feel stupid?


Their participation in 50 HY’s financing has nothing to do with where their HQ will be. The former was a good business opportunity. They will go wherever they get the best deal.


New Interview


Great video Pascal. Let’s hope the news comes soon


Really…I wonder when 2 WTC start? this year or next year 2018? Also why to keep 2 WTC very turtle and I thinking because you mean must 3 WTC first complete then 2 WTC? am I right?


Hey DearBorn. To answer your question, construction won’t start on 2WTC until Silverstein secures an anchor tenant such as, Duetsche Bank or Amazon. Basically they need a company to commit to a lot of space in the building so they can immediately start making a profit off of it. Once they have this tenant they can begin building.

That being said, it’s not really a matter of finishing 3wtc first and even if we get a tenant we likely won’t see boots on ground until late 2017/early 2018


I hope that DB goes with this tower.

P.S.: Reagan Medgie is very impressive.




oh no:confused:


To be clear, this isn’t the big “HQ2” prize that Amazon is shopping around all over the country.


Oooh, my bad


If the commies in City Hall gave Amazon serious money, I’m confident that NY would get HQ2. However, NY will offer some crazy proposal in the Bronx with little or no money, while places like Atl will offer Bezos billions.


It reminds me of the Twin Towers. I love 2WTC, if the stairs were not on the other side, it would be the perfect twin tower.


I love it.