NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


Yeah for the Foster design, but by redesign, I guess I should of said downscaled. I certainly hope not. In the end, if its worth the wait for a finance based tenant that would work with what the Foster design originally was designed for, I guess in hindsight its good to be patient.

The longer this goes on, the less opportunities to snag a major tenant. At some point, the ones seeking 1 mil sq ft in one shot will start to dwindle or even 500k+. HY, MW 1 + 2, and Midtown East are all competition that limits the odds. Longer this drags on, the harder it will be for 200 Greenwich.


There will always be demand. This cycle was dominated by the Hudson Yards.

200 Greenwich will rise to its full height. It might just take a while.


I hope that Larry offers to lease this at cost. If he gets DB, this will be the true “Miracle on the Hudson”!!!


A slight hope but I can’t help thinking they’ll go with 50HY


DB has been downtown for a long time. Also, this is basically ready to rise. It’s way ahead of 50 HY and the Spiral, which haven’t even completed demo.


Wow! That’s very interesting. I wouldn’t think they would be the ones to possibly anchor Tower 2. Fingers crossed. This NEEDS to get down already.



I knew 2 World Trade would rise, and I know Larry is doing his best. It’s a business and he just couldn’t compete financially with the Yards.

This news has made my day.

The Germans are helping rebuild NYC!

Viva Deutschland!


Let’s just hope that Larry doesn’t f.uck this up. The complex could be complete by the 20th anniversary if DB signs on.


A company like Deutsche Bank will not want to play second fiddle at 50 Hudson.

I think this is in the bag, personally.


Let’s hope that Larry plays ball. This should be leased at cost. He can make money on the other tenants.


And With Deutsche eyeing this, the Foster Design might be resurrected as it was designed for banks. Also it’s slightly cheaper.


I don’t believe in god, but I’m praying on this one


Plot twist: Deutche Bank signs on, but the building is designed as a 1,348 foot version of the Deutsche Bank Building that was tore down on the 5 WTC site


Would the return of Foster’s 2 WTC bring back the spires for 3 WTC? They’re probably unrelated, but is it possible to have them back in this point of the construction?


They should choose NY!

I would think that NY and Boston are the top contenders. One would think that Bezos would want an East Coast operation with easy access to Europe. Having two west coast HQs doesn’t make sense.

I’m sure that places like Dallas, Chicago, and Atl will give incredible offers, but I hope that he chooses NY. If Bloomberg were still Mayor, I’d be very confident about NY’s chances. Hopefully, DeBlasio and that clam Melissa Veverito acknowledge that NY’s sole mission is not to cater to the poor, and they offer an amazing package to Bezos


That would be great, especially since they will open the mega fulfillment center in SI


Also, Bezos owns an apartment here.

I hope that Our Stalinist administration in City Hall doesn’t f this up.


Lol. Me hopes the same!


If this happens I will personally hang a german flag outside my house.
I should’ve known we could’ve counted on german efficiency and intelligence

In Between this and Bezos I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


We really need this after GE chose Boston over us.

Otherwise, we have good momentum with Cadillac and Aetna recently coming aboard.

This is the most iconic city in the world, so it makes sense for an iconic brand like Amazon.