NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


I would say ‘lets all be patient here’ but my patience is dwindling away quicker and quicker


My patience is running out, soon I will start a hunger strike in front of 250 greenwich and I will picket silverstein’s coffee breaks


"Mister Silverstein, when will we ever get 2 WTC off the ground again?"

Drawing by me


Larry must go!


Yimby members unite!!!
A yimby protest infront of silversteins offices


Ugh I wish they would take the space in 2 WTC. God damnit. I would have expected them not to though, considering their headquarters were originally in the South Tower and 5 WTC. I’m sure they don’t want to go back there.


Hi excuse me, I read your comment that you say Larry must go and I want to know what going on happen? Is he not going to built 2 WTC correct? and I know that 2 WTC it say on hold for now wait when 3 WTC finished is that true?


All we know for sure is that larry is a schmuck.
I truly can’t hold in my anger about this.
So many of my friends have had to endure my drunk rants about this building.
Silverstein is turning me into an alcoholic and giving me PTSD


I see… I agree with you and I know Larry Silvenstein is weird man I see him on TV or youtube video. His eyes too much blanking. Is he is president of World trade Center am I right? and he should retired off his job so I know old man is greedy I hate the most.


He’s the property owner.

The issue is he wants an anchor tenant to sign on before he builds the tower. That’s normal procedure. However, from what I’ve read, his asking price is too high which is deterring a lot of potential tenants who end up taking better opportunities in midtown (Hudson Yards/ Manhattan West etc). Instead of adjusting his asking price to get a tenant and complete the project he’s ok with letting the site sit empty and incomplete for years.

So the short answer is 2wtc will be built when somebody finally give Larry the money he’s been asking for.


What makes me more angry is that instead of letting money take a backseat and symbolically be able to complete the site of the attacks he is just profiteering off the fact that it is a symbolically important area and is asking for more money. For me it almost feels like he is profiting off the fact that it was the place where the attacks took place. Just thinking about it makes me sick in my stomach




Larry owes something to the city of New York and to the US as a whole. The wtc site has been an open wound ever since the 9/11 attacks and it should be his responsibility to heal that wound and finally bring closure to the city of such a horrific event. Instead he is holding the site hostage in a bid to make more money because of the sites status. He should think about the greater good and not his own personal gain for once. I never get angry regarding on hold or cancelled projects because like you say, the developers don’t owe us anything. This is the only exception since the developers owe it to the US and the city of New york to fill in the gaping hole left by a horrific incident which is the 9/11 attack


Why do I have a feeling the whole thing is just going to be scraped.

Not looking good right now.

They should just forget about the office component, and make it a massive hotel with residential. World’s largest residential/hotel tower by unit count. Could be done. Hell, a rental tower with 5000 micro-units to aid the housing demand.

2.25 mil-sq ft of residential, another million for hotel. Or, a 3.5 mil sq ft of residential which in theory, with micro units, could be like 7500 units.


This will be built. I wouldn’t be surprised if Foster’s tower rises. It’s a matter of when. However, “when” will arrive much sooner if Related or Brookfield replaced Larry.


I agree. I think if related took ownership, we’d see something. But if it continues under Silverstein properties, might take a while or go through a redesign.

But yeah, Related Companies is the biggie. Impeccable track record, and they can fix Silverstein’s mess.


I don’t think it will be redesigned. It had a foundation that’s set to go.


Well, Larry isn’t getting any younger (he’s 85), so hopefully that’s soon! (regarding Larry being replaced)


I hate Foster Design :smiley: Big Design with no stairs, wäre mir lieber


das is gut!