NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


Had FOX/News Corp not backed out in Jan. 2016, 2 WTC would’ve been off the ground by now, right?


yea development would’ve been underway for well over a year at this point


Yeah Fox has been nothing but trouble. Bill O’reilly, Hannity, the goofy Tucker Carlson, backing out of WTC2,

The only good thing Fox has ever provided was Megyn Kelly. Now thats nice.


I agree with that, Chris!


I wonder if Larry Silverstein will be still alive to see 2 WTC rise. He’s 85 now, right???
I think we need to freeze Larry


Which is a shame because he is greedy even though he probally won’t last another 5 years. Its like c’mon man, screw the greed, get this done. Have a legacy in which folks will remember your work.

Its a sacrilege how 2 WTC has been managed from a development standpoint.


I agree, Chris


The building started work with excavation in 2008. That was almost ten goddamn years ago. Then they were gonna turn it into a 10 story stump. Then they changed their minds and in 2010 they built everything up to street level finally. Then in 2012, they stopped again, and the building has been this way for five goddamn years. If Fox/Newscorp hadn’t pulled out, this building’s steel would’ve been risen about halfway maybe? It would be done by 2019/2020, and we would have it done finally. And that’s just 2 WTC. Lets not forget 5 WTC. What happened there? Is there ANYTHING that’s going to happen there? I put ‘see the WTC when its complete’ on my bucket list, and I’m not sure I’m not going to live to see that day, and I’M 18 YEARS OLD


I think that at a certain point the company will give up. This has wasted Silverstein’s capital and the company just doesn’t have the resources to do this, at a certain point I think the site will be sold to another developer and another architect brought in and it will be built. Also at a certain point the state/city/pa will get involved to finish the damn thing. Any ways we are looking at another 8-10 years easy before this is built and there will be documentaries on the vanity and folly of the rebuilding.


I think that will also be the most likely outcome. Maybe Vornado will pick it up or ideally, Related Companies.


Brookfield and oxford are also options, hell even JDS if it wants to diversify its portfolio. Hell even am on New York player might make a bid.


any of the big developers would jump at the opportunity. Silverstein would never give it up, however.

In the meantime, 3 down, 1 to go.

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Of Course Larry won’t give up too much pride invested. But nature abhors a vacuum and the site can’t stay like this forever.


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Silverstein is a schmuck, the more I think about the mess that is this project the more I want to rip the hair out of my head


I agree