NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


I’d be happy with either design. Just build it before the 20th anniversary, please.


I prefer Fosters design but at this point I dont care. I just want something to be built.


those are lobby and mechanical floors. If they ever lease any space, the media will cover it.


I love this tower. He is more a twin tower;)


Not a big fan either. NY towers are so boxy in general, wish we had more curves!


I don’t really hate the boxy look or anything, I just prefer the original Foster design. Either way, it’d be great to see some progress on this.


I can’t stand the design of this tower. It’s just a stack of boxes really. Honestly would prefer the Foster design or nothing at all be built.


Not like this would ever work but apparently some downtown resident created a petition for Silverstein to build 2 WTC now. Only has 10 signatures as of now lol but I agree with what they are saying. It’s bulls**t this thing hasn’t been built. It’s not like the guy doesn’t have the money. Build one of the designs on spec and be done with it. Sickens me that the complex is still far from complete.


Make that 11 supporters


Larry needs to get real on pricing.


He’s a greedy old man. All the new towers should have been built on spec from the start. They were given sufficient federal funds to properly rebuild the Trade Center.This isn’t just any office complex and it baffles me that they treat the Trade Center like it is. Pure greed. He has the money. Build the damn tower Larry.



Welcome to America.


You may not take it personally but as someone who worked at the Trade Center there is valid frustration over this inexcusable bullshit.


Hey I totally understand and agree. Even if the tower were empty (I’m sure they would be almost filled by now) the number one goal should have been to come back bigger and better. Resilience. With a memorial to the victims. But money is above all, we’re seeing it every day.


Oh man forgive me for coming off like an ass! I misconstrued your response. I completely agree. They keep saying we came back bigger and better but that is an unfortunate lie. My thing is that they built the original on spec going off pure ego…this time they actually had every reason to build without initial tenant commitment. I become more and more frustrated every time I pass through the complex all these years later with still so much left to do. You are right, welcome to America!


It just shows how things have changed.


Sadly for the worst. That day ruined us in too many ways. In my opinion anyway.


From 3 World Trade’s 62nd floor terrace


I’ve kinda forgotten about this development. There is such a waiting period, so many disappointments, that I think urbanists and development junkies just move on. Its sad, but 2 WTC isn’t even a thought unless you happen to see it in writing somewhere like this thread. I’ve been to NY workwise 10-15 times in the last 2 months, and not once have I thought about this project. On the other hand, everything else going on kinda steals the spotlight. Even commuting down the turnpike, I see wtc 1 every day, but WTC2 doesn’t pop up in my mind.