NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


I hope so. BIG’s and Foster’s designs are magnificent.


I agree I don’t care which one rises. I like both for their own individual reasons






This blows 50 HY out of the water.


Doesn’t everything else


True. Foster really dropped the ball.


sees update on 2 WTC’s thread
No news on tenants



If there were one, you would probably see more updates. :wink:


Unfortunately for this tower, this was worthy for an update! Lol


I think I’m seeing 2 cores in the first 2 blocks of the model of the tower. Looks like BIG wants to make this thing as strong as 30 Hudson Yards


I’d give it a strong central core if it’s gonna be overhanging!


Click for full image
I’m seeing this on the slight changes of the model


My new 3d model project (this is still a W.I.P.)
My uploads on the 3d warehouse are here:
You can download it to view it or to 3d print it


Silverstein should buy the building for the delicious irony


Is it just me, or did they clear the south side of the fenced site?


yes, i think.


It looks like they found more tenants. But only a little.


Hate this tower. Barf.


I love it. I hope it gets built.