NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


maybe Facebook? :wink:


"What’s the game plan for 2 World Trade Center?

We have an unbelievable building. The Fox episode was obviously a disappointment, but what we got out of that was a chance to rethink for the most contemporary tenant mix.
You have a site that’s built up to grade. We can show everybody what it feels like to be part of this community. We are continuing to market it to big tenants.

Is there a dream tenant?

It would be a tenant—or more than one—who allows us to finance the building. The building is designed for a dynamic mix of uses. It has huge floor plates at the bottom, but at the top you have boutique-size floor plates, which could be appealing to hedge fund-type users. You have layouts that can do studios and newsrooms, other kinds of media installations and tech installations. Then you have a series of conventional office floors and column-free, unbelievable views."


New Video of the New World Trade Center!


Nice video, Pascal!


Very nice video!
It’s great, Pascal! :+1:


I can’t believe I’m saying this but this video actually makes 2 World Trade look halfway decent…however the view from Midtown/Tribeca still sucks. Still holding out for an anchor tenant with a beautiful new design before the end of the decade…


I think that 2 WTC is beautiful, but if Larry ever finds a tenant, I would not be surprised if Foster’s design rises.


Yes! On this perspective is 2WTC a 2nd Twin Tower


I was talking to some guys from Silverstein today, and they said that this must start rising by 2020. I recall that earlier agreements with the PA had deadlines, but I thought that the revised agreements eliminated them. Does anyone know?




They also confirmed what we all expect: if a bank like Chase or DB comes along and wants Foster’s design, that’s what will rise.


Well, that’s some news. Good work finding it, robertwalpole.
Let’s see what will really be this tower’s fate.


Thanks, Dragon.

I hope that DB, JPMC, or Facebook comes through.


You’re welcome and me too.


That is great news…I hope it starts to rise before then however! (Fosters design)


I like both and would be happy with either.


As long as either are built honestly…at this point its ridiculous there is no Tower 2 yet.


The whole 2wtc debacle has frankly exhausted me, I used to be passionate about Foster, I used to HATE/DESPISE Bjarke’s but after all this time, this mess has drained my life energy. I DONT CARE WHAT RISES BIG, FOSTER OR A GIANT CUCUMBER I JUST WANT IT TO END. I WANT MY LIFE BACK AND I WANT LOWER MANHATTAN TO FINALLY BE COMPLETE.

rant over


I love both designs.

I just want Larry to lease this at cost, so that he can get a tenant.