NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


Unless Chase moves there, I don’t see this rising for a very long time.


I’m not too sure that Chase is moving anywhere, anytime soon.


I would not be surprised if they do. They clearly have an interest in new space, and they’re making loads of $.


As per the Jan 17th Post, NewsCorp extended only through 2025. That’s good news, as they could have extended for 15 or 20 years. Clearly, they’re not looking to stay at their current location long term. I would not be surprised if they’re exploring a merger.


You know, in the early days I was on Silverstein’s side and defended his plan(s) for 2WTC. But now it’s safe to say, that he is the major reason the building still has no tenant(s). Why? Simple really: because he’s greedy! Just take a look at what is happening over at the Hudson Yards - that’s what I call a success story. The HY towers are filling up nicely, whereas the WTC is still struggling. It’s an embarrassment really. Silverstein is asking too much - no company is willing to pay such high prices when there’s cheaper class A office space available somewhere else.

I can’t believe that Silverstein is still playing this game - ‘tenants will eventually come to the WTC no matter the price’. Yeah sure … I mean it’s been only 15 years since 9/11. What is he waiting for? How things are going, New York will see its first megatall before 2WTC is built.


I agree, Hunser. Larry should assign the WTC rights to Related.


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“It won’t be long until we find another tenant to anchor 2 WTC”

  • Larry Silverstein, January 2016 (After Fox/News Corp bailed)



I agree.

This project was way beyond Larry’s abilities.

I hope that Foster’s or Bjarke’s towers rise eventually and not some lame box like 50 HY.

I love both, but I prefer Bjarke’s.


O how I wish something like this would rise here instead. I’d gladly wait 5 years or more if we could get something like this:

One of my top 3 favorite towers. I think this would be a centerpiece tower for the whole city. At the foot of the island, with lady liberty.

If NY ever gets a 600m tower, or a megatall, I want Lower Manhattan to have it.


Banks are booming .

I’d be shocked if Chase isn’t searching for a new HQ, and to be honest, I would not be surprised if Goldman and BofA seek significant amounts of new space.

While I love Bjarke’s tower, I can envision one of these entities reviving Foster’s plan.


Goldman still owns a couple large blocks of empty land next to thier backoffice in jC. If they need space they could build on thier own land cheaper in jc than manhattan.

My friends at chase seem to say they will stay put for a while but who knows.

Everyone I talk to at Lauder seems to think they want to stay at GM since that is more prestigious than the yards. But hopefully they are wrong and they move too.


I love that version of ping an. Too bad they chopped the spire. The spire really made a huge difference I think and it just doesnt look as good now.


Silverstein just needs to build this on spec already. As if he doesn’t have the money to do so. It’s a joke that Tower 2 has no future in sight right now and we can pretty much forget about ever 5 WTC coming to existence. All the towers should have been built on spec for that matter… Almost 16 years later and the Trade Center it’s still years from completion. It’s sad.


I’ll bet that GS builds another NY tower and that Chase will, as well.


I don’t know if 300k sf of space is enough to start this or if IBM would even want to go here, but it would be nice.


I doubt 300,000Sqft would be enough to get this off the ground. It’s a large space in itself however not so much in comparison with this tower. If that amount of space is enough to get this started, I recon 2WTC would have started construction quite some time ago.

It will be interesting to see how this pens out anyhow, my patience with this tower has grown bored now haha!




Tower 2…forever a construction zone