NEW YORK | 200 Greenwich St (2WTC) | 1,348 FT | 88 FLOORS | ON HOLD


Great shot you found, Thomas!! What a nice and good angle shot this photographer took of these models inside Tower 7!



New design for 2 WTC?! Don’t play with my heart! I want to see this new design!

What was the experience of negotiating with News Corp. and Fox like?

It was going to be an exciting, exciting project. It’s too bad that the economic times made them change their direction. [Their 1.5-million-square-foot lease would have anchored the planned 2.8-million-sqaure-foot 2 World Trade Center but fell through last January.]

But it would have been a phenomenal building, and we’re better off for it because we have a new design for the building that is sort of [technology, advertising, media and information services] cool. I think it will position us for the next tenant who comes along that wants to be in that building.


“We are working with tenants, but we don’t have a tenant identified for all of 2 World Trade Center right now. I’m not spending the majority of my time [on it]. I’d say a year ago, when we were spending a lot of time with [20th Century] Fox, I was probably spending at least half of my time on 2 WTC.” From the article


There was a small change back in January right after the tenants pulled out

BIG hasn’t confirmed this change yet, but there’s plenty of evidence, here’s floorplans and other images


Well I’ll be damned!
With that news in our minds, let’s see what happens to the 2WTC now!


I like the changes.


It looks basically the same. How does it differ?


Different and bigger foundation for bigger floor space and more beams for strength


I’ll make elevations of this possible design change soon


Thanks, Tom.


King Dimon,

Your castle awaits!

“…Silverstein Properties chairman Larry Silverstein (pictured with MHP Real Estate Services CEO Norman Sturner) says the quality of the World Trade Center makes him confident he can land an anchor tenant for 2 World Trade Center after negotiations with Rupert Murdoch fell through. He said there’s a deal in the works on a replacement anchor, but couldn’t offer more specifics.”


That’s great news! Very encouraging for tower 2.




I agree, Chaps!


I’m not getting my hopes too up, we’ve been decieved before but this is only good news!


So what IS the new design change? Is it gonna be a complete redesign, like in 2015 with BIG’s tower replacing Foster’s tower?


It’s shown above, just bigger floor space


The elevations I promised
(Click for full image)


It looks like they reduced the extent of the cantilever.