NEW YORK | 200 East 59th St | 490 FT | 35 FLOORS


I think this tower sucks.




I’m honestly very amazed as to the width of this building. And the design is spectacular! I really like this. Imagine a supertall with these dimensions. It would look amazing.

Thanks for all the awesome pictures! Love it!


The base looks so wierd. It could look good in real life or it could provide for a lackluster pedestrian experience. We will have to wait and see. The tower itself looks ok. I think I just really like that penthouse with the spiral staircase connecting the 2 balconies.


I think that it will look ridiculous .

Macklowe is a shmuck.






Earlier today:

As seen from First Avenue:

As seen from Second Avenue:




Huge piece of equipment has fallen from the 21 floor toward the street. Scene has since cleared. No injuries reported.










Good design IMO, but doesnt fit in NYC, feels too miami.


Miamish indeed but I still like it. I feel like it belongs further north.


This has officially topped out.