NEW YORK | 200 Amsterdam Ave | 668 FT | 55 FLOORS


I’m on other forums, and this one is by far the easiest to use. I’m glad it’s back.


From looking at construction so far, I think the windows are doomed. They are located on the lot line so there is no automatic access right. But I don’t know if any air shaft rights apply here. Maybe others on the forum do.


A law suit was just filed to shut construction down according to the West Side Rag. See The plaintiffs claim that a prior partial settlement agreement provides that if construction is stopped the plaintiffs and city pay nothing; the risk is all on the defendants. If so all bets are off on this one. I hope the courts deal with this quickly but I doubt it, especially if there is an appeal. In any case, construction continues at a rapid pace.


New Yorkers are insane.


Insane or not this case may have stronger legs than most. Remember that even the zoning folks said the permit should not have been granted. Only delay of the zoning system’s making left it intact. Keep your eyes on this one.


Gotta give credit to the crazy NIMBYs; they don’t give up. I guess they have no problem wasting their kids inheritance as long as they can give developers headaches.

At some point, the U.S. has to switch to European-style jurisprudence where obviously frivolous lawsuits are met with punishment. The same small group of crazy and rich NIMBYs has filed lawsuits against every major UWS project in the past 30 years.

Also, I have no doubt chused is somehow affiliated with the NIMBYs, with all the crazy commentary trying to rationalize/legitimize the endless harassing lawsuits.


Sorry crawdad, but I am not affiliated with any organization involved in the 200 Amsterdam development on either side. I’m just an interested watcher of land use issues who has taught property as a faculty member at several law schools for the last fifty plus years. So stash your “no doubt” statement in the trash. Stick with statements you can back up before you make them. And suggesting my commentary is related to craziness does not sit well. Civility can make a positive difference in the world. Try it. Thanks.


Couple of pictures taken today. The building is starting to rise more quickly. Cement pump is in.


Chused, as a fellow lawyer, I love your insight and commentary. You are one of the best contributors here.




As another fellow lawyer, I second that!


Awesome! I didn’t realize there were so many of us here.


Taken from the bus.
Seems to be rising at 1 floor/week.




I didn’t know this one was going to have a shear wall on the West side. I should’ve figured since it was so skinny like 220 CPS. The placement of these shear walls says it all - never ever on the $$$-making Park-facing side.

There’s also a small surface parking lot under the heavy scaffold on the West side - I think it belongs to the housing development next door. I wonder if the developers put any effort into acquiring it.



This will be a beautiful addition to a beautiful area. I love the UWS.


First pieces of curtain wall have been installed. It’s got potential to be good but need to see more.


Very nice. Great photos, Chused.