NEW YORK | 200 Amsterdam Ave | 668 FT | 55 FLOORS


Stopped by this morning. Significant chunks of the foundation pad have been poured and prep for first wall segment is underway. Don’t know how much longer this can go on before challenges to the zoning become moot.


Good progress from a couple weeks ago.



The city’s second hearing on the zoning challenge is still over a month off. I wonder why the opponents, who won a partial victory in round one, have not filed suit to try to enjoin further construction. At some point the amount of money invested will bar any effort to stop the project. An intriguing legal conundrum.


Probably because their intent is to intimidate and harass.


Don’t think that’s correct. The challenge has merit, as the zoning folks admitted at the first hearing. While there always are people who oppose new buildings, many of the issues raised here are important land use law matters that need resolution. Strong criticisms aren’t in order here. Honest discussion of the issues is.


According to the West Side Rag the parties to the zoning dispute have reached an interim agreement over the protesters’ court action seeking an injunction against further construction. In essence the developer has agreed to limit any claims it might make over sunk costs in case their building permit is revoked by the city.


Another hearing yesterday. Another delay for briefing and decision day on July 17 (maybe). This time a majority of the City Council let it be known that they opposed the building. That puts the pressure on to say the least. For more go to the West Side Rag at


it would be a shame if construction of the tower would be put on hold and this huge hole with a virtually completed foundation and rebar sticking out remained indefinitely.




Glad to see this moving forward!

Those clowns at the Municipal Art Society should stop freaking out over shadows and get back to trying to save buildings like 574 Fifth ave.


I could not agree more, Oppi. In the words of Holden Caulfield, they’re phonies.


Foundation moving toward completion. Wall is reaching street level on the west side and is lower on the east side.


Come on Robert. I have problems with the zoning decision, as you know from previous comments in this chain. But a phony I am not. I’ve been teaching property law in law schools for fifty years. Give others on this site some room for disagreement. That’s the nature of good quality discussion.


Construction is up to street level and crane is going in this weekend. The last one is from the north off the ground.


Even if some zoning shenanigans occurred, I’m glad this tower is proceeding. Even if the DOB failed to catch an error, the community should have caught on earlier and stopped the project before it became a hole in the ground, not to mention a half completed foundation. This way it won’t be a blight on the neighborhood.


I suspect the possibility that the zoning challenge, even if the money is around to pursue it, can stop construction is over. Once the project is out of the ground the developer probably is entitled to damages under the takings clause if it is stopped. So like it or not, this one is highly likely to continue to rise. If the case is pursued, however, it will establish an important precedent regardless of the outcome even if the building goes forward.


Crane up not yet in operation. Electrical hookup and testing still to done. The building moved above ground this week.


Concrete already is up to the third floor at first setback level. The floor plates are all basically rectangular and straightforward. And they are not large. The footprint is small. The building should rise quickly.


I agree the plan is pretty straightforward and will be thrown up quickly. The footprint isn’t that small though:

This building is nearly 400K sf at half the height of 432 Park for example (~410K sf).

Can anyone tell if this building will directly abut the brown brick building to the north? Will there be even a few inches of space or are all those windows doomed?


I’m pleased that the best skyscraper forum is back in action!