NEW YORK | 200 Amsterdam Ave | 668 FT | 55 FLOORS


Will this be the priciest UWS building west of Broadway? I’m guessing yes, and by a lot.

The Extell assemblage near Central Park will be more expensive, but certainly nothing along Amsterdam will have comparable prices.


Hard to predict. Stern designed building going up on 81st on west side of Broadway may be more expensive.



Excavation work has progressed fairly far. If protests aren’t resolved pretty soon they will become irrelevant.



Excavation of a quite deep hole is now about three or four floors down on the northwest portions of the site. It will take a long time to finish the hole which now is being jack hammered rock by rock.


And even deeper. Maybe for a garage?


Nice shots, Chused.


First cement—for underpinning to support columns—in northwest corner of excavation.


West side Rag says hearing on zoning protest will be held in March.


Still hammering down into the bedrock as of yesterday.

Bonus shots from nearby.


That area is beautiful.


Foundation excavation has reached bottom on much of the site and a number of support piles have been sunk.


Nice shots, Chused.

I hope that the horrible Gray’s Papaya on 72nd and Broadway comes down next, together with the heinous little “Security” Building on the west side of B’Way just south of the corner building on 72nd St.


No way! Grays Papaya is a neighborhood landmark known far and wide. The other building is on a small site that can’t be for a big development for lack of space. The building to its south is nice though a bit in need of work. The businesses on the first floor are neighborhood joints. It doesn’t need a replacement though given the present shortage of sites for new buildings I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go at some point.


Gray’s Papaya is a New York Icon!
I am hoping to eat my dying meal at that place so it better still be there!


Gray’s Papaya is horrible. In any case, the issue is the structure, not the business. That dump needs to be replaced. The business can find a new space.


Finding new space on the UWS? Easier said than done. Rents for small stores have soared and many have been forced out of site and out of business. A low rise ugly building can serve urban needs other than by being new and fancy. Have a heart!


Use to be an icon when hot dogs were both better and cheaper! I still remember the $1 “recession special” lol


Hmmmm. Another weird development with 200 Amsterdam. According to the West Side Rag ( the zoning folks half admitted error in issuing the building permit. While admitting that they used the wrong interpretation of zoning lot rules according to a new ruling now in the process of being issued, they also claimed that the building permit must stand because it was legal at the time it was issued. Hard to see how they can have it both ways, but as we all know, the world is strange.